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Could Your Fatigue Be Pointing To A Bigger Health Issue?

If you have ever caught yourself yawning during the middle of the day, perhaps after feasting on a big and heavy lunch, you can take comfort in knowing that virtually every single person experiences some form of mild and acute tiredness at least on an occasional basis. While hopefully a cup of coffee, a brisk walk around the park, or a short nap can work to successfully relieve you of your tiredness so that you can get on with your day, concern can understandably arise when your tiredness doesn't seem to get better no matter what you do or try.

Sometimes chronic fatigue makes sense, such as in cases where people are dealing with insomnia, poor sleeping habits, or another chronic condition related to physical pain. However, if you find that you are doing your best to get plenty of sleep during the night and energizing yourself during the day and you still are getting severely fatigued on an almost or completely constant basis, there may be another underlying health issue to blame that you may not even be aware that you are battling.

The truth is that, as you begin to do more and more research and reading up on the nature and causes of chronic fatigue, it turns out that there really can be many deciding and influencing factors that can cause you to have such a potentially debilitating health issue to deal with. I recently came across an informative article post by Care 2 that cites chronic fatigue as a common indicator of many health issues such as food intolerance. If your body has to work by kicking itself into overdrive in order to attempt to digest a food that it has trouble processing, you will understandably become very [hysically exhausted and tired as a result of all the extra energy your body needs in order to accomplish this. 

However, chronic fatigue can also be a sign of a mental health issue as well. Moderate to severe anxiety, as well as moderate to severe depression, can also bring about exhaustion to a person both physically as well as mentally. When the body is depressed or anxious, most of its energy goes into the effort of fighting off a panic attack or attempting to boost mood by releasing more serotonin into the brain and bloodstream. Unfortunately, sometimes the mental issue is too great for the body to fix without some consequences, and chronic fatigue is one of them. Be sure to visit a doctor if you are tired all the time so that you can rule out any underlying causes.

Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Laura Flores

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