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Supercharge Your Health by Combining Diet, Exercise & Chiropractic

I’ve been an avid gym go-er for quite some time. I love breaking a sweat, and I like seeing results as my body changes more and more. Not only are the physical aspects of being active ones that I appreciate and hold in high regard, so too are the mental ones. When we think about getting healthy, we don't often think about how much our brains are affected by a change in diet, a loss of significant pounds, or just a healthier lifestyle altogether.

Being healthy has never been more important here in the United states than it is now. With such high rates of illness in areas of our lives that are extremely serious and detrimental to us, getting out, being active and treating our bodies and minds right is something that we should all be striving to do in some form or another. With more instances of fatigue, and a more sedentary life becoming the norm in society, thanks in part to the mass takeover of technology in our lives, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get people up and about, and to take charge of their health and well-being.

Are you one of those people looking to take charge of your life? If so, then equip yourself with the knowledge and the know how to make it a reality. When i’m in the gym, I see people of all shapes, sizes, abilities and there’s one thing that everyone in there has in common…will. Having the will to try, to want to do something, to make it happen, and to stick with it, is half the battle. The suggested rate of exercise for an adult here in the United States as given to us by the American Heart Association is just 30 minutes a day, four to five times a week.

With the health of the future population of this country in jeopardy, as well as our own, as adults we need to lead by example. Incorporating healthy practices into your everyday life in some way, ensures that our children, and their children will live a long time, will know, understand, and appreciate a healthy way of life for many years to come.

Now, not only is exercise one of the important factors in my life, but coupling my workouts with healthy foods as well as regular chiropractic care, I am better able to track my progress, I feel healthier both inside and out, in body and mind, and I am able to stay focused on my healthy goals. All too many of us think that small bouts of exercise  is the simple solution to being happier, having more energy and leading a healthy life overall. In my personal experience, giving yourself more than one avenue to bolster your health is far better than having just one, especially one that isn’t always as forthcoming with results every single time. Because my diet and my exercise routine help me so much, I know that adding chiropractic care to fortify the two is one of the best decisions I could ever make. Take a look at the findings I recently found when delving deep into just how I could catapult my health to new heights with these three healthy practices in my rotation.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

There are plenty of good reasons to be physically active. The most popular and widely advertised to us as a nation are things like its ability to help reduce the odds of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, some of the biggest health concerns facing the nation today. Exercise helps to keep your muscles, bones and even your brain healthy. In fact, according to a recent Harvard Medical School study,

“regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills and overall cognitive function.”

So not only does regular exercise positively influence the body from a physical aspect, it does so from a mental one as well. The Harvard study goes on to site a sub-study conducted at the University of British Columbia, where researchers found that regular aerobic exercise, may also have the power to boost the size of the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning. This is often why this form of exercise is encouraged by physicians for their patients that are 65 years of age and older ,because typically, as we age, the brain tends to lose it’s ability to be as productive as in its earlier years, but regular exercise is one of the main components used to help fight back against natural wear and tear.

If you didn't know that living a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health, then you may have missed the rise in the attempt at making the United States’ masses aware of this. With a steady growth in 100% preventable illnesses that are a direct result of a lack of exercise, such as hypertension and obesity, the U.S healthcare system has put their full force behind giving resources to the population, and informing them on just why sitting as much as we do, as often as we do as a nation, is a big problem and a habit that needs to be broken immediately.

Even the simplest solution to this, which is to sit less throughout the day, has been recommended by doctors. In another Harvard Medical study, it was discovered that women that are regularly inactive for 11 or more hours a day, actually face a 12% increase in premature death. Dr. JoAnn Manson, Chief of Preventive Medicine at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital states that,  

“Once you’re sitting for more than 6 to 8 hours a day, that’s not likely to be good for you. You want to avoid prolonged sitting and increase the amount of moderate or vigorous exercise you do each day. Some is better than none, and anything will obviously decrease your chances of severe illness.”

According to the latest Physical Activity Guidelines handed out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an adult, aged 18 years or older should be aiming to get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity. Things like brisk walking, running, swimming and bicycling fall into this category. The fact of the matter is, exercise in all of its forms ensures that you’re helping your body and mind stay healthy, and then in turn you can live a happier life. When bogged down through an ailment or illness, life often seem to be far more difficult to live. Healthier individuals are happier ones, and when that’s the case, you’re free to travel, explore, be mobile, flexible and agile. Exercise comes with many benefits, but building a strong and healthy immune system so that you’re able to fight off bacteria, pathogens or anything else that tries to threaten your overall health is one of the better reasons to want to get up and get moving.

Benefits of Proper Diet

Being active, exercising regularly and taking care of your body physically is all well and good, but the things you put into your body are equally as important in helping you maintain a healthy overall lifestyle. No amount of physical activity will keep you up and running as you’d like, if you’re pairing it with foods that are tearing your body down from the inside out.

We learn at a young age that eating well, (meaning consuming fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish on a regular basis) gives the body the nutrients and the tools it needs to be healthy, strong, and to keep you feeling well. To support the immune system, just as exercise does for the outer body, a proper diet helps give the body the fuel you need to actually get up and get off the couch, to move, to fight and to be healthy from head to toe. A healthy diet has the ability to help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, and can reduce the risk of illnesses such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease, ailments that are far too prevalent in the United states alone. Foods rich in calcium, are needed in order for the body to build strong, healthy bones and can help slow the bone loss associated with aging. Foods free of added sugars, preservatives, BPA’s and other non-essential ingredients help to give the body a source of natural energy, reduce anxiety and depression, improve self-esteem, and help you better manage stress.

Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a natural non-invasive form of healthcare that utilizes manual manipulation to perform spinal and joint  adjustments to correct misalignments (subluxations) in the vertebrae,  and aims to help restore full and proper function to the nervous system, helping the body to heal naturally of its own accord. Chiropractics, through these manipulations is permitting normal nerve transmission throughout the body that was otherwise blocked or disrupted. There arenumerous benefits of chiropractic care that pertain specifically to your overall health, which is contrary to popular belief that the practice of chiropractics only targets neck and back pain. This is because naturally over time, the body will shift back out of alignment, sometimes only slightly, but often times just enough to negatively affect everything from your digestion to your heart rate. Regular chiropractic adjustments aim to safely and effectively re-align the body to a balanced state.

By fixing these blockages or subluxations ,chiropractic helps to keep the body healthy, so that it may then ward off any outside influences that threaten to bring it down in any way. Along with healthy eating, and regular exercise, chiropractors gives you multiple avenues to sure up the immune system and the central nervous system. It has also been proven to do the following in terms of your health and overall day to day performance:

  • Reduce inflammatory agents within the body

  • Boost the immune system and rate of metabolism

  • Enhance overall  pulmonary function

  • Decrease mental and oxidative stress

  • Relieve muscle tension & joint pain

  • Increase energy levels

Chiropractic, Diet, and Exercise

Knowing and understanding how all three of these forms of fortifying your own health can truly keep you fit and healthy is important when trying to stay healthy and happy. Remembering that all three (diet, exercise and regular upkeep of the joints, and muscles through chiropractic care), work in conjunction with one another, and also that one alone shouldn’t be used  for any form of a short-term “fix” in any way is essential to fully comprehending how they are truly effective.

In order to make significant changes and improvements in your overall health, you should look to maintain a schedule of regular chiropractic adjustments, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Keeping your body and your mind operating at the highest level means you’re free to focus on life, you’re not bogged down or having to worry about pain , or trying to treat it over and over again to no avail. Chiropractics aims to treat the source of any pain or discomfort, while a healthy diet and exercise allows the body to be equipped with the right nutrients and tools to keep the body in good working order. These three facets of health being used together bolsters health from the inside as well a the outside, keeping your body in tip top shape, and letting it be as strong as possible so that you are able to live a happier and healthier life all around.


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