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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Specialization

Upper cervical chiropractors focus on the region of the spine known as the upper cervical spine, which begins with vertebrae just above the shoulder blades and ends at the base of the skull. These seven vertebrae are different from others in the spine in that they are more mobile, and therefore subject to greater potentials for misalignment.

When misalignment occurs in the vertebrae of the cervical spine a host of attendant symptoms and problems can start to make themselves felt. In fact, so many chronic and painful conditions are associated with complications from the cervical spine that a whole syndrome has been named after it, known as cervical spine disorder. 

Chiropractors who specialize in treating the cervical spine (or UpC Chiropractors) use a number of specific methods to analyze and adjusts misplacements of these upper cervical vertebrae, especially in regards how they relate to the skull. Although these adjustment technique vary greatly in application, on the whole they all share the following in common: gentleness, accuracy, and effectiveness. 

Patients suffering from a variety of symptoms resulting from cervical spline disorder can attest to the efficacy of  chiropractic treatment to this area. One of the most commonly expressed appreciations for chiropractic care is the non-invasive quality of the therapy. Many people who turn to chiropractic care for cervical spine disorder first arrive as a last resort, having found more conventional treatment approaches to create too many side effects. This includes manipulation from a physical therapist.

Chiropractic care for upper cervical spine disorder doesn’t necessarily involve wrenching the neck in hopes of cracking some out of whack vertebrae back into place. UpC chiropractors make careful analysis and then take deceive action. X-rays that can pinpoint the exact location of a problem with spinal alignment might be used, for example.

Upper cervical spine adjustment for the most part requires a gentle touch to the patients neck, which can be hardly perceived at all in most cases. Due to the precision of locating the problem area, either by x-ray or other examination, the chiropractor knows exactly where the problem lies and how to correct it most effectively. 

Once the misalignment has been corrected it begins a process whereby the body’s natural healing mechanism can begin to act on the area freely. Prior to treatment, the region suffered because it was blocked off from muscle relaxation, blood and oxygen circulation, and healing messages from the nervous system. In this way chiropractors trained in UpC can relieve many symptoms associated with cervical spine disorder.


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