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Reducing Stress With Mind and Body Alignment

By Emily Lindholm

In the busy society that we live in, a lot of us are running on adrenaline and may not even know it.  Chronic stress has been infused into our society for such a long time, it seems that dealing with stress is the norm.  

Many of us are operating too often in a "fight-or-flight" response.  To be in "fight-or-flight" means that our nervous system is geared up to be running from danger.  Stress gives our body the same signal that our systems would if we were running from a tiger.  The adrenal glands secrete a chemical called cortisol into the system, which is the stress hormone that would help us to get away from that tiger.  When we are chronically stressed, our adrenals become overexerted, and they release more cortisol than our bodies actually need.

Although stressors may always be present, this doesn't mean that we always need to live inside of this stress response.  We can choose ways in which to manage stress.  In order to sustain stress management, we must address the nervous system.  Get the nervous system back into balance, and remind your body that there is no tiger.  

Chronic Stress and Posture

The amount of stress that we carry can be reflected in our posture.  A lot of us carry stress in our shoulders and will often slump when stressed.  

Some chiropractors believe that one of the first steps to stress reduction is addressing the spine.  The reason for this is because when the spine is out of alignment, it is more difficult for the body to send proper signals to the brain.  Our brain and nervous system work like a communication network.  The spine acts like the pathway for this network.  When the spine is misaligned, It throws off the connectivity of this communication network.  

Working with a chiropractor for chronic stress can begin to help our nervous system fire signals to the brain, which can help us sleep better, elevate our mood, and think with more clarity.  

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