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Alexander the Great Technique for Perfect Posture

By Martha Michael

Like a military strategy to move freely in a desired direction, the Alexander Technique is increasing physical movement and range of motion for many people already, and its ranks are swelling.  

If the way you sit, stand or walk is perpetrating poor posture or painful symptoms, giving it some attention may be the first step in making improvements. The process, says Joan Arnold, a certified Alexander Technique practitioner and author, is utilized to decrease pain and make you move more easily.

The Alexander Technique website explains the potential changes you can expect as a result of incorporating the Alexander Technique into your routine:

  • The way you walk
  • The degree of muscular tension you have
  • The shape of your posture

The Alexander Technique reconsiders your style of movement and enables you to check which habits may be contributing to your neck or back pain. An Alexander Technique teacher uses words and touch to slightly alter your movements and positions when you stand, walk or sit. You aren’t just focusing on your symptoms, you’re looking at your posture and other habits as a whole.

“The technique's basic idea is that when the neck muscles do not overwork, the head balances lightly at the top of spine,” Arnold says. “The relationship between the head and the spine is of utmost importance. How we manage that relationship has ramifications throughout the rest of the body.”  

A Complement to Chiropractic

Those who advocate the Alexander Technique easily work in concert with their chiropractic care professionals. In the same way that practitioners focus on the cervical, lumbar and thoracic regions of your neck and back, Alexander Technique teachers promote your ability to support your head and correct your posture.

“Our neuromuscular system is designed to work in concert with gravity,” says the article. “Delicate poise of the head sparks the body's anti-gravity response: A natural oppositional force in the torso that easily guides us upward and invites the spine to lengthen, rather than compress, as we move.”

The adjustments you get from your chiropractor are aimed at developing a straighter, more erect stature and his or her advice can increase your understanding about your own body movement. The Alexander Technique, likewise, develops a greater awareness about your body.

Benefits to the Program

The Alexander Technique is a self-care process you use to increase mobility and gain relief from pain. Practitioners of the Alexander Technique are highly-trained professionals who teach you one-on-one, creating a customized program to meet your body’s needs.

Using the Alexander Technique for healthier movement, you learn pain-free methods for such acts as getting out of the car or lifting items. Its aim is to gain relief without excessive medication, much like the natural treatment you get from chiropractic care. 

The strategy employed by Alexander Technique teachers seems to be gaining ground in the world of natural, holistic remedies for pain and improved posture. Those finding it successful for correcting habits or battling pain might be tempted to call it the Alexander (the great) Technique.

Of course, The Joint Chiropractic remains one of the best places to learn about posture and spinal care, and where the journey toward "perfect posture" is just an adjustment away. 

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