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Food Mistakes Even Healthy People Make

By Sara Butler

Many grocery shoppers are pretty savvy and know the tricks of a healthy shop. Stick to the outside aisles of the store for fresh produce, buy seasonal items, avoid foods with a ton of ingredients, and beware of sugar-laden foods. But even people who live by these rules make mistakes – they’re human, after all! Here are some of the mistakes you may be making under the guise of healthy living!

Purchasing Imported Food

Buying local has become a mantra for a reason; it’s going to be the freshest and most nutrient-packed choice. Imported foods are often shipped weeks in advance and picked when they’re underripe. That means by the time it reaches your grocery store, it’s weeks old, giving time for nutrients to degrade. If you can buy something from your local farmer’s market, you’re guaranteed that it’ll be at peak ripeness to deliver the most vitamins and minerals to you as possible.

Buying Farmed Fish

In the meat aisle, fish is a healthy option. But if it’s farm raised, then you may be losing out. Farmed fish actually tend to have higher mercury levels than their wild counterparts, which may surprise you. So, go for wild when you can – it’s just healthier.

As for the other choices in the meat aisle, you should look for pasture raised chicken and beef. Free-range or free-roaming are also good choices since it lets you know the animals spent a bulk of their time outside. Grass-fed beef is the preferred option.

Avoiding White Eggs

The color of the shell of the eggs you eat don’t have anything to do with their nutrition. Eggs are different colors due to the breed of the hen, not how good the egg is for you. Brown eggs are no healthier than white eggs.

The true difference when it comes to eggs is the color of the yolk. Brightly-pigmented yolks are an indication that the hen was fed a good diet and therefore, a more nutritious egg was produced. An orange-yellow yolk is a good sign!

Skipping Over Whole Milk

Milk can be a bit of a controversial topic. There are many people convinced that skim milk is best for health. You may be surprised to learn that full-fat milk is the best for you. It’s filling, so you’ll drink less than the fat-free version.

This extends to other milk products, such as yogurt. The fat in yogurt is what makes it taste good and makes it filling, not the sugar. So lower fat versions are likely to be packed with more sugar than their full-fat cousins. Remember, fat isn’t a bad thing!

It's easy to fall into traps since there's so much information out there. Always seek to find out more about the food you're eating and you should have no problem separating the good from the bad!

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