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3 Reasons the Last Few Pounds Won't Drop

By Genevieve Cunningham

When you've been on a weight loss journey, it seems as though the toughest plateau to break through is the last few pounds. In the beginning, you may notice that your weight drops relatively easily. But as you get closer to your goal weight, it gets harder and harder to drop the weight. Why? As it turns out, there are real legitimate reasons why you can't seem to lose those last few. If you would like to finally break through that plateau, take a look at these reasons why your weight loss journey has suddenly become so difficult.

You’ve Gotten a Little Complacent

Complacency often happens without us noticing. We've been working so hard, counting calories, exercising daily, and yet we get comfortable with our normal routine. After a while, our body adjusts to this new routine, and it simply doesn't work as it used to. If you have become complacent, it's possible that you won't be able to drop those last few incredibly difficult pounds. You may need to change your routine, or you may need to increase your intensity level to finally shed the final layer.

Your Body is OK With Your Weight

There's a reason that the last few found pounds are known as vanity pounds. It's because it's possible that you don't actually need to lose this weight. You may want to, but your body may have different ideas. An extra five or 10 pounds actually doesn't hurt your body at all. In fact, a few extra pounds can be healthy. If this is where you are in your weight loss journey, your body may have different ideas than your mind. It may want to hang on to those last few pounds, making it incredibly difficult to drop them. Just take a look in the mirror and determine whether those last few pounds are necessary to lose. If not, it may be more beneficial to get comfortable with your body the way that it is.

Big Changes are Needed

If you've decided that you really do want to lose those last few pounds, it's entirely possible that you'll have to make some big changes. You may have to cut your calories even more than before. You may have to really take it up a notch in your workout routine. You may have to lift heavier weights or increase your cardio. Whatever you have to do, it's probably going to be quite the change. Get your mind and body prepared for this, and you may actually be able to lose those last few pounds after all.

There's no denying it, losing those last few pounds is really hard. But if you're serious about it, it can definitely be done. Focus on your diet and exercise program, get realistic about your goals, and you may be able to lose those last few pounds and find success in your ultimate weight loss journey.

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