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Use These Tips to Improve Your Memory

By Paul Rothbart 

In today's world, there is more data than ever flowing around and much of it gets to the average person. With so much to keep track of, it's very easy for something to slip your mind. Some people are blessed with a great memory, many others not so much. Especially when aging, memory and cognitive function tend to decline. However, you don't have to accept it. There are many ways to improve memory and keep your mind sharp.

Spend Time With Friends

Socializing may not seem like a mental activity at all. How can hanging out with friends help your memory? Human beings are social creatures by nature. Spending time with other people and interacting with them stimulates the brain. Research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health found that the slowest rates of memory decline belonged to the people with the most active social lives. Other studies back up these findings. So get out there. Have lunch with a buddy, join a club, volunteer for causes you care about. Interacting with pets is also good for the brain.

Exercise Your Brain

In its own way, your brain is like a muscle, it needs regular workouts. Engage your brain with jigsaw and crossword puzzles, sudokus, logic problems, whatever you like best. Naturally, memory games are very helpful and fun to play with others. Learning a new skill is another great way to exercise your brain. It can be a new language, playing a musical instrument or learning woodworking, or baking. Choose something you've always wanted to do. Keep your memory sharp while learning something new and useful.

Exercise Your Body

Your body and brain are linked. Blood flow is every bit as important to your brain as any other part of your body. Getting regular exercise helps stimulate mental processes and can keep the memory intact and check cognitive decline. Even just a brisk walk each day can make a big difference. Work the body as often as you work the brain and stay sharp.

Get Enough Sleep

Your brain needs sleep just as much as your body does. Most people require 8-9 hours a night. Getting less than optimal sleep is a sure way to start forgetting things more often than normal. Let your mind refresh itself fully and it will function much better.

Memory tends to decline with age which can be inconvenient and distressing. But there are ways to fight against the decline of mental processes. Try these tips to prevent your memory from failing you.

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