How Healthy is Your Spine?


Ask yourself these questions, and start with your own assessment to see how healthy your spine really is.

1. Can you turn your head and your hips from side to side easily to the same degree?   If not, reduced range of motion indicates joint misalignment.

2. Do the heels on your shoes wear out unevenly?  Uneven leg lengths or stress throughout the spine can cause this.

3. Does your foot flare out as you walk? This can be a sign of problems in your upper neck, spine, hips, or ankles.

4. Do you need to “crack” your neck, back or other joints? Areas of your spine that are misaligned or unstable can trigger this.

5. Do you become fatigued often? An unbalanced spine unbalances the nervous system creating a loss of energy.

6. Do you have headaches, backaches, sore muscles, or aching joints?  These are signs of spinal misalignments.

7. Do your ears and shoulders line up straight with each other? If not, your spine, head or hips could be off center.

8.  Do you have a low resistance to disease?  Spinal misalignments affect the neuroendocrine system, which affects resistance to disease and the body’s ability to fight infection.

9. Stand on two bathroom scales. The weight should be around the same on each foot. If not, the unequal distribution could cause abnormal wear on our spine that will age it faster.

If your answers raise questions about your spine health, Chiropractic treatment may fix the problems and help you feel better.

After a complete examination and review of medical history, a Chiropractor determines an appropriate plan of care, and if spinal manipulation may be used to restore proper spinal alignment, along with additional treatments for pain and suggestions for better health.
Spinal realignment involves adjustments applying sufficient pressure to joints to restore mobility and allow time to heal. The Chiropractor will appraise the spine as a whole to discover problems that need to be treated. Catching problems early can avoid long-term pain, and it can also simplify treatment.

Chiropractic care helps return joints to their natural state of functioning, restores range of motion, decreases pain, and allows the body to naturally heal.

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