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Pay Attention to That Pain

We all get aches and pains, and more often than not, it’s just normal wear and tear. But sometimes it is more than that. Even though your pain might not feel like a big deal, it very well could be. 

 Mark Shalauta, MD at Scripps Clinic put together a list of symptoms that you should get checked out just to be on the safe side. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, don’t freak out. It doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. It’s just always better to have a professional take a look than to let something go untreated. 

  1. Chest pain is something we all get from time to time, usually from heartburn or indigestion. However, if the pain lasts longer than a couple minutes and you begin to feel flu-like symptoms, it could be something more. All these issues happening simultaneously could mean there is something going on with your heart and that is nothing to take lightly.
  2. Numbness is always a little scary. Sometimes it could be from a nerve that is being pinched too tight, but if it’s sudden and directed at only your left or right side, you could be having a stroke. 
  3. Dizziness can be caused by dehydration, hunger or even anxiety, but if you’re feeling dizzy all the time, it’s a good idea to get yourself checked out. Regular lightheadedness could be an indication that your heart beat is abnormal.
  4. Nausea, besides feeling awful, is a usually harmless symptom. However, recently a study published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association indicated that extreme nausea in women could be an indication that a heart attack is in the horizon. If you start to get other flu-like symptoms with your upset stomach such as fever and shortness of breath it could be necessary to see your physician.
  5. Vision change that is sudden is something that could be a bigger issue. If you experience an abrupt vision loss it could mean you had or are about to have a stroke. 
  6. Coughing is a pretty common symptom of just having the common cold. Except when it doesn’t go away. If your cough is still there after 10 days then it is time to see the doctor. This could be a sign of pneumonia or another infection.
  7. Bloody stool may seem like a reason to panic, but don’t jump to conclusions. It’s usually just hemorrhoids, which are highly treatable. But go to your doctor just in case and she can tell you what is really going on.
  8. Joint pain is very common, especially as we get older. If you’re feeling exceptionally stiff and tender, there could be an injury or even an onset of arthritis. It’s important to get these pains evaluated before they get worse. 

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