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What's That Stomach Pain? How to Find Relief

By Genevieve Cunningham

Stomach pain. Is there anything more frustrating than a rumbling tummy? And it's even worse if you're not quite sure what's causing it. Is it that killer ab workout from yesterday? The sushi you ate last night? Did you catch your kid's latest tummy bug? While stomach pain can sometimes feel overwhelming, there are ways to tell the difference. If your stomach hasn't been feeling its best, take a look at these three common causes of discomfort and how to manage them moving forward.


Hunger pains feel like a slight pang. They're not overly painful, and they may be accompanied by the infamous stomach growl. Most people know and understand hunger pains. If you notice these kinds of pains, grab a small snack or a glass of water and then wait. Too often, we feel the pain and eat too much, leading to being overly full. Remember that, for the most part, our stomachs are actually very small, and it won't take much to fill you up and satisfy the hunger.


Sometimes our body plays tricks on us. We may feel like we need to eat. We might be thinking, "Why am I hungry when I just ate?" If this is happening to you, stop before you grab a snack. Take a moment to really listen to and feel your body. Do you actually have pain in the stomach? Or is it more of a phantom pain? A feeling like you need something to do? Boredom can sometimes feel like hunger, so don't be fooled! Be smart about your snacks and get to know your body well to avoid this classic mistake.


Pain from an illness is usually unmistakable. It might be a rolling sensation. It might be a severe cramp. But as most people can attest, it's a feeling that seems wrong. Like it doesn't belong in the body. To find relief from sickness, you'll need to see a doctor. If it's a virus, you'll likely have to wait it out. If it's a bacteria, you may be prescribed an antibiotic. If you're waiting for a stomach to pass, try ginger, clear soda, and crackers to help settle the stomach until the illness passes.

Stomach pain is incredibly frustrating. It makes it hard to function, if we're able to function at all. Take the time to rest up and heal. Learn to recognize what kind of pain it is so you can find relief quickly. As you get to know your body even more, you can ward some pains off and manage the others so you can feel better in your body every day.

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