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Your Solution to Computer Neck

By Sara Butler

If you spend any amount of time working at a desk and on a computer every day, you may encounter computer neck. If you develop computer neck you will notice your neck being very sore and very tight at the end of each day. This is caused by poor posture at the computer – but there is something you can do about it. Here is how your chiropractor approaches computer neck to help you find relief!

It’s All About Gravity

Computer neck is basically the result of gravity. Gravity works on your musculoskeletal system every day to shorten the muscles and place force on your joints that lead to wear and tear. You can counter the impact of gravity by doing things to purposefully work against it. That doesn’t mean you should strap on a spacesuit and spend time in the zero gravity of space. What it does mean is you should do things daily to work against it, such as stretching and exercise.

When you sit in front of your computer each day you have a tendency to hunch forward after a while. You may not realize it but your body has to expend energy to sustain this position. Over time your body will simply adapt to this position in order to use less energy to keep you in it, and that means your muscles and ligaments shorten in order to achieve that. Your body is trying to be efficient, but that efficiency will lead to aches and pains resulting in a diagnosis of computer neck.

The Chiropractic Solution

Your chiropractor can help you solve the problem of computer neck in a few ways. The first way is through hands-on chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments will work to open up your spinal joints, helping to restore their range of motion. They will likely focus on the vertebrae in your neck and upper back to help counteract the impact of computer neck.

They will also address any muscle imbalances that you may have as a result of computer neck. The tight and short muscles in your back and neck will need to be released so that they can be stretched and strengthened. Your chiropractor can help to pinpoint the muscles that may be imbalanced and work on those to help you find relief. Working on muscles that help you to maintain the appropriate posture are also a focus of treatment, and you’ll likely be given exercises to help you strengthen those muscles.

If you work at a computer several hours a day, you should discuss the problem of computer neck with your chiropractor during your next adjustment at The Joint Chiropractic.

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