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3 Harsh Reasons the Diet Isn't Working

By Genevieve Cunningham

Eating a well balanced, healthy diet is a learned behavior. If we didn’t learn it as kids, we have to teach ourselves as adults. But either way, whether you’re an old pro or a newbie, it’s a difficult task to accomplish without some setbacks. While a few setbacks won’t wreak terrible havoc on the overall goal, too many tough moments may lead you to being discouraged and eventually giving up. But what if limiting these temporary failures was within our control? In some cases, it might be! Take a look at these harsh reasons that may be sabotaging your own diet goals, followed by some advice on how to fix it.

Lazy is a Hard Habit to Break

Most of us don’t like to admit it, but the majority of people tend to make laziness a habit from time to time (or all of the time!). While a few bouts of laziness are probably OK, laziness when it comes to the diet can keep any progress from happening. If you think that opting for white bread instead of wheat (because you don’t feel like a trip to the grocer) or just a few sodas (because you don’t want to try and find a vending machine with water) are OK, it’s likely that your diet isn’t working because of your lack of diligence. Kick the lazy bone out, and you’ll probably find your diet suddenly begin to work as it should.

Cheating Happens More Than You Like to Admit

It’s easy to think that this one time won’t hurt anything. You haven’t had ice cream in weeks, so this one time won’t hurt, right? Or maybe it’s that much needed Coca-Cola. Or perhaps it’s running through the drive-thru just this one time. While it’s true that one time might not hurt the diet too much, most people “one time” themselves into trouble. Instead of sticking to the diet plan like glue, we get easily off course and don’t even realize just how often. Cheat meals can happen … but not all of the time. Stick to one a week, and don’t deviate if at all possible.

You Stretch Results to Meet Your Emotional Needs

Dieting is much more than a physical feat. It also takes a toll mentally and emotionally. Sometimes we tend to stretch our accomplishments just a little in order to meet those emotional needs, even if it means undermining the physical success. If you didn’t lose any weight over the past two weeks, but make excuses such as “I was just so busy” or “I think I’m holding fluid,” then you’re not doing yourself any favors. Be honest with yourself when it comes to your accomplishments, and you’re much more likely to see honest results.

Dieting will work; when done correctly, it’s actually the most effective way to lose weight and get healthy.  But in order to make that true, it’s imperative to do it right. Ask yourself whether these harsh truths are getting in the way of your overall success, and make adjustments to build the body and health of your dreams.

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