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Chiropractic Tip: Exercise Your Right to Live Pain Free


As chiropractors show up in our world now they are often health coaches who really can help us prevent pain, if we get the message.

Some of their big messages focus on the forward head posture that dominates our culture, and the exercises we should be doing to change things. Passive stretches and good postures, along with targeted exercises could make a difference in strength, mobility and pain prevention.

Finding ways to counteract our lengthy sitting work postures, couch slumps and fixations with screens that cause us to hunch forward, can work to change our posture and our options to remain pain free.

Stress, long work hours, and a fast moving culture also show up for most of us impacting our bodies and our lives. Take a look at your daily habits and see what you might do to improve everything. Relaxing, releasing stress, losing weight, taking short getaways, and spending more time with family could help.

Here are a few ways to go

Care 2 suggests rowing, the full body workout for your core, legs, shoulders and back. Get the better posture and strength you need. Get off the treadmill or spin bike where you may be hunched forward, and get into rowing. 

Try a Standing Wall Press to strengthen your posture muscles and recalibrate your posture. When you first try it you may feel strange, as if you are pushing too far back or would fall over without the wall. Begin standing with back against wall. Press shoulder blades, arms and hands against the wall. Do not lift shoulders to ears. Do ten repetitions, then relax.

Standing Wall Push-Up. Stand arm’s length from a wall, extend your arms so hands are flat on the wall at shoulder height with thumbs touching each other. Inhale and in one movement press your body toward the wall like a push-up. Exhale and push back to the original position keeping elbows close to your side.

I have watched a variety of people of all ages deal with these problems. Busy parents working hard and negotiating daily family and work challenges, older men and women approaching retirement who just want some time to relax, and older seniors fighting the battle to stay active all wind up looking for solutions to keep their bodies moving.

Often the chiropractor is the one who can help straighten everything out, helping to start new habits, delete stress and get a better overall fix on staying healthy.

See your Chiropractor & Find Out More

The chiropractor’s goal is to help bring pain relief whenever possible without medications or surgery. In the initial visit the chiropractor will do a spinal adjustment to evaluate the health of the spine, take a full medical history and discuss what is going on in the patient’s life, and what their daily activities look like.

In chiropractic visits the focus is on a healthy spine, insuring the whole nervous system is working well. With the chiropractor’s help patients often learn new relaxation exercises, improve diets, and add a new exercise class to their lives. If you need help solving painful twinges or more serious injuries, visit your chiropractor and find out what can be done to get things back to normal.

When life suddenly becomes not OK, your chiropractor may be the one to give you that boost to restore your quality of life. The chiropractor will be able to assess the problem and help develop solutions, restoring normal routines and helping to prevent future injuries.

Make an appointment today.


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