3 Tips for Passing the Fitness Plateau

A lot of times, fitness advice is aimed at two different kinds of people. There is the advice targeted at those that never workout and eat fast food all of the time, and then there are those that are health nuts, up to date on the latest exercise and nutrition tips. What happens when you’re somewhere in the middle? You’re not a complete beginner, but you’re not a fitness buff either. What is the best advice for those in the middle of the road? What tips are going to push your fitness level and change your body without going too extreme?Here are 3 tips for those that lie somewhere in the middle:

Drink Water

This tip is good for all people no matter their fitness level. Drinking water does so much good for the body. Switching your regular beverage for water means that you are instantly cutting calories and, most likely, sugar. Water also has a way of filling you up, meaning that you are much less likely to overeat. Water is also responsible for assisting the body in flushing toxins out. The simple act of drinking more water can do wonders for your personal fitness.

Up the Intensity

If you fall in the “middle” category, then you probably already work out fairly consistently. To challenge the body and get off the plateau, try to up your intensity level. This can be done in a lot of different ways, and keep in mind that intensity doesn’t always mean longer. If you like to use a treadmill, try upping the speed or raising the incline. Another way to up intensity is to add weights. Weights are a great way to add a little extra to your workouts. They challenge the muscles, and you’ll be working harder than previously for the same workout. Whatever you do, taking your intensity level up a notch for a consistent length of time will challenge and change your body more than you’ve seen since you began your fitness journey.

Add a Protein Supplement

Supplements are often used by the people in the health nut category. If you’re really wanting to see a change, however, it might be a good idea to add one to your diet. For building muscle and burning fat, try adding a protein supplement. Usually this can be found in the form of a powder that you can drink or make into a smoothie. Protein is great for your muscles, and will give you a longer, leaner look. If you’re not into supplements, you can also up your protein intake through eating more lean meats like chicken and fish.

Getting the right fitness advice for your situation can make all the difference for your diet, workouts, and personal fitness levels. If you find yourself in the middle of the fitness road, use these 3 tips to get your body and mind challenged all over again, and your health and fitness to its best level yet.


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