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Milk Is Good for Most of Us in Some Way

By Tom Herrin

When we think about basic needs, there are a few that always come to mind.  A food source is essential.  For any kind of mammal, milk is the primary food from their early beginnings.  Since we all fall into that category, this applies to us.  It doesn't take a scientific study to determine that we rely on milk as children.  We all know it.  As we were in growing phases as young children, milk remained at the top of that list.  Those of us who attended public school were subject to the national school meals program.  This had milk as the main ingredient in that it was served at every meal.  This was believed to help promote healthy growth and development.  Some have continued to keep milk in their diets while others have abandoned it.

Milk May Give Adults a Boost to Health

There are several things about milk that make it a highly useful source of good health.  For many years, some people suggested that adults should either avoid milk or only drink skim milk.  It has now been considered, by many, that drinking milk with some fat in it may actually be good for the heart.  Apparently this fat may help to raise the levels of good cholesterol.  In addition, milk has a high water content and is packed with protein.  This means it may be a great source of nutrition for those who may be trying to manage weight.

Milk May Make Some People Sick

Even with all of the good things contained in milk, some people simply cannot drink it without becoming ill.  This may be due to any of several causes.  Some people are unable to tolerate the lactose, or sugar, in milk.  Others may have trouble with one of the proteins called A1.  As a result, many have chosen to avoid milk or milk products.  

Choose for Yourself

A good thing about modern technology is that we have alternatives for just about every problem, or so it seems.  For many years, people would seek other kinds of milk, such as goat milk.  Today we have better choices available.  There are plenty of milk products labeled as lactose-free.  Several producers are now able to offer milk that has no A1 protein and is labeled as A2.  Some people who are in need of calcium may drink almond milk.  This is a good choice as it is much higher in calcium than milk from cows, and it is available in several flavors.  I try to drink a glass of it each night before bedtime.

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