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3 Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss

Almost everyone wants to lose weight. Whether you need to lose 100 pounds or 10 pounds, you’re likely in the group of people that would like to drop a few. While many of the health benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are obvious, there are a few lesser known benefits to watching your weight. Here are 3 surprising benefits to losing weight and feeling great.

Your joints will thank you. Your joints take a lot of wear and tear. Some of this is from general use and some from the aging process. It’s inevitable that as you age, you’ll feel some of it in your joints. What’s a little less known is that just a little bit of extra weight puts an enormous amount of pressure on your already overworked joints. Your skeletal and muscular structure is made to carry around a certain amount of weight, so when you add 30, 40, or 50 pounds to the frame, it has to work overtime. Your joints (especially knees and hips) work very hard to take up some of the slack. So, when you lose weight, you’re giving your joints a much needed break. You’ll soon find less soreness, greater range of motion, and an overall sense of wellness in your joints.

You’ll finally have more energy. Similarly to above, losing weight will mean that your body has to use less energy just to get you around. Dropping a significant amount of weight can free up a lot of the work that your body previously did. If you don’t believe this, try carrying around a dumbbell all day, and see how tired you are by the day’s end. This is what your body does everyday! So, by eliminating some of those dumbbells (extra weight!), you give your body the time to rest and use energy elsewhere.

Your skin will clear up. When your body is carrying around extra weight, it’s also carrying around extra toxins. These toxins are responsible for things like acne, forgetfulness, and general aches and pains. When you lose a few pounds, you are losing some of those toxins as well. This means that you may have better memory, clearer skin, and an overall better sense of wellness. Usually, as long as you’re not too thin, the more weight you lose, the better you’ll feel.

Besides the obvious benefits of smaller clothes, better blood pressure, less illness, and etc., losing weight can really make your body feel good. Dropping just a few pounds can make a huge impact on your health. To experience the benefits above, watch your diet and get moving, and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

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