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Chiropractisc Linked To Reversing Heart Disease

Heart disease is a fear every man lives with, especially in his later years. The statistics are quite staggering, with heart disease being the leading cause of death for men, killing an estimated one in four males in the United States. The scariest part is, you could die from heart disease suddenly without showing any previous symptoms, particularly by coronary disease. However, research is now saying that chiropractic adjustments can help prevent and even reverse the effects of heart disease. 

The Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research preformed a case study on a 54-year-old man who had an abnormal lipid panel. Chiropractic care alone, meaning no other changes to diet or physical activity, was able to change his lipid panel, creating normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Before starting the chiropractic treatments, the man was on 10 medications for his high cholesterol, and participated in the study in an attempt to get off some, if not all, his meds. Subluxations were found in the patient’s neck, pelvis and sacrum. After consecutive chiropractic treatments to these areas, not only were his HDL, LDL and triglyceride levels drastically improved, but he also experienced an improvement in his musculoskeletal ailments, as well as just feeling better overall. 

New research is showing that even the most minor spinal subluxations, otherwise known as misalignments of the spine, can cause a plethora of problems in the body, including heart related issues. These subluxations end up disrupting the nervous system, which cause the equilibrium in the body to become unbalanced. Aligning the spine back to its correct position clears the interference between the body and the nervous system, which in turn corrects any and all bodily ailments. The study conducted on the man with the abnormal lipid panel supported the claim that these treatments help improve cardiovascular risks. 

In order to treat specific problems, such as heart disease, it is possible to focus on particular vertebra, as opposed to just treating the body in general. When the chiropractor locates the vertebral subluxations thought to be the cause of the cardiovascular problems, the interference between the spine and nervous system becomes recovered through manipulations. This interference is what is hypothesized to be the cause of irregular cholesterol levels, so it only makes sense that if that interference is cleared then those levels will balance out. 

There has been other research that further supports the link between chiropractic care and improvement in heart disease, including one published in the Journal of Human Hypertension. The study included 100 people, all who were given chiropractic manipulations on the upper cervical region of their spine. The results were impressive, proving that these spinal alignments produced the same results as taking two blood pressure pills.

Chiropractic care is a great alternative for those seeking an all-natural, drug-free treatment. Not only can it help reverse signs of heart disease, but it is a great way to get on a preventitive care regiment. Chiropractic is also a low-risk form of care, making it appropriate for all age groups. 

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