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10 Strange Practices That Are Oddly Healthy

By Chris Brown

We all know the strange person who taps out drum solos with their fingers at restaurants or doesn't like cheese. But before criticizing others' particularities, there are surprising benefits to some strange actions that may just cause you to give them a try for yourself.

  • Sleeping on the floor - While unthinkable for most of us craving our cloud-soft mattresses at night, sleeping on the floor is more in line with the body's spinal support needs. In fact, if you are experiencing back pain, a night of floor sleep may be all you need to resolve it. And if you're still in pain, there is always The Joint Chiropractic.
  • Smelling green apples and cucumbers - For the claustrophobic, carrying a green apple or cucumber to smell can make places feel larger according to a 1995 study. So sniff away and ignore the strange looks as you breath in deep.
  • Talking to yourself - While its more accepted to talk to yourself in public, thanks to the prevalence of Bluetooth, psychologists say this strange habit can be good for your mental health. Speaking one's thoughts aloud causes a slowdown of thoughts and engages the language centers of the brain as well.
  • Sleeping with sox - A huge faux pas in some relationships, sleeping with sox can induce a deeper sleep, as warm feet signal "bedtime" to the brain.
  • Fidgeting - That fidgety movement doesn't only relieve nervousness, but it is also helps blood flow to the lower limbs. This is important to preventing blood clots, especially when seated for long periods.
  • Spacing out and daydreaming - Although not completely understood, daydreaming is shown to be a sign of an active and more efficient brain, according to a study published in Neuropsychologia.
  • Putting egg whites on your face - Getting egg over your face isn't just slang for making a fool out of yourself, it can also help reduce acne discoloration. Just be weary of the outside temperature, scrambled eggs don't produce the same skin benefits.
  • Walking barefoot - Walking barefoot, while it can be dirty, is great for strengthening the small muscles of your foot and ankle. Additionally, being barefoot on soil or grass has been researched for boosting mood, improving sleep, and reducing pain sensitivity.
  • Eating your meal one food at a time - Although it mixes together in the stomach, eating a meal's foods one -at-a-time can help to keep you lean. This careful approach to a meal results in slower consumption which leads to being fuller faster (and thus consuming less calories).
  • Choosing the stall closest to the entrance for your public bathroom time - Being picky about where you seat yourself may have benefits when it comes to public restrooms. A University of Arizona microbiologist found that the closest stall to the bathroom entrance consistently had the least bacteria and most toilet paper.

By changing your habits, and making yourself weirder to others, you can biohack your life for greater success, health, and mental stability.  

To learn more about your health, wellness and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Las Vegas, Nev.

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