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How Chiropractic and Yoga May Double Team Sciatica

By Sandy Schroeder

Sciatic nerve pain is practically impossible to ignore.  When it attacks, it’s like a dental emergency. Suddenly everything else takes a backseat as you look for a solution. Moving, walking and completing normal tasks can all take twice as long.

Sciatica can begin when a small muscle in the hip tightens up, putting pressure on the sciatic nerve sending searing pain, or numbness, down the back of one leg.

Chiropractic Help

Seeing your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic, could help you find your way back, helping to relieve the pain and restore normal routines. The Joint offers a wellness center with licensed chiropractors who have the training and experience to help you.

As the first step, your chiropractor will want to discuss your symptoms, patterns of pain, and daily routines.  There will  be a review of your medical history, followed by a spinal adjustment to spot any misalignments, also known as subluxations, in your spine.  

When misalignments are corrected there may be far-reaching effects on your sciatica pain.  Others may find this realignment results in relief of back or neck pain too. Some people also report improved metabolism, more energy and better digestion.

Yoga’s Backup Punch

As you develop a plan with your chiropractor to treat sciatica, yoga may offer a solid second punch. 

By strengthening muscles and improving flexibility, yoga may help people with sciatica function better and improve posture to avoid irritating the sciatica, according to James W. Carson, PhD, psychologist, Comprehensive Pain Center, Oregon Health & Science University.

Gentle Yoga Poses   

If you are all new to yoga, before you try these poses from, take the time to talk to a certified instructor about yoga and your sciatica and check new exercises with your physician.

Bridge with Support – Lie on back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, arms at the side. Push feet down, lift hips, and slide a yoga block under the tailbone to support the body. Pause and breathe evenly. Then press feet to floor, lift hips, remove block, and roll up.

Child's Pose – Kneel. Sit back on heels. Open knees hip-wide. Bend forward, moving upper body between thighs, stretching arms out in front and resting forehead on floor. Use a thick, folded towel between calves and hamstrings.

Happy Baby - Lie on your back. Pull knees to chest. Put hands around sides of feet, opening knees. Press feet into hands, pulling down on feet. Breathe deeply. Hold for 30 seconds.

Over time you, your chiropractor and your yoga mat may get the upper hand on your sciatica.

The Joint Chiropractic, your local chiropractor, helps by keeping it simple. Affordable private care programs replace the hassle of insurance, and flexible, extended hours are available. Walk-in visits are welcome.


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