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Health Benefits of Living Caffeine-Free

By Alexis Mills

Don't let this story's headline scare you off. I am not here to tell you to quit caffeine altogether. But with Americans drinking more coffee than ever before, there needs to be some conversation on the health benefits you can get by cutting back. Drinking coffee and other caffeine-filled beverages do have some health benefits such as a faster metabolism and lower risk of Alzheimer's disease. But if you are thinking about trying to kick caffeine or cut back, see what benefits your health can reap from.

Top 12 Health Benefits of Having Less Caffeine

  • Experiencing less anxiety - Coffee stimulates our "fight of flight" hormones that can increase anxiety behaviors such as nervousness and even panic attacks.
  • Getting better sleep - Drinking too much coffee can cause people to have restless sleep.
  • Absorbing nutrients efficiently - The tannins in caffeine can inhibit the absorption of some nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins.
  • Having healthier teeth - Coffee strains teeth and its acidity leads to enamel wear and decay over time.
  • Lowering blood pressure - Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the nervous system to raise your blood pressure.
  • Balancing brain chemistry - Consuming caffeine affects the brain similar to how cocaine does, causing a dependency through the brain chemistry.
  • Creating a healthy digestion - Coffee creates a laxative effect that, if consumed in large quantities, can create unpleasant digestive issues.
  • Possibly aging better - Caffeine interferes with the formation of collagen and has a direct effect on the skin, body and nails.
  • You are pregnant or trying to - Caffeine has been linked to increasing the chances of a miscarriage and decreasing fertility.
  • You are prone to anxiety - Caffeine has the power to heighten the effects of anxiety or depression. Consuming too much or any at all can create anxious behavior with increased irritability and hostility.
  • You have a digestive condition - If you have digestive issues, caffeine has the ability to make the symptoms worse, especially with acid reflux, gout, diabetes, and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • You take certain medications - No matter what medication you regularly take, it is important to check if caffeine interacts with it. This is something most people don't think of, but some of the most common ones are antibacterial drugs, antidepressants, and asthma drugs.

If the process of cutting back on coffee -- or completely cutting it out of the diet -- sounds daunting, take it slow. Unless your life gets better after cutting out coffee, there is no reason to completely get rid of it. It does have its benefits but just like anything else in life it is all about moderation.

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