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Smart Tips to Stop Snacking

By Randi Morse

When I was diagnosed with diabetes I made a number of changes to my diet. I cut soda out almost completely, I began drinking much more water, and I increased my vegetable intake significantly. Most of these changes were easier to implement than I thought they would be. One thing that's been difficult to change is snacking. I've always been a snacker, and my worst offense is snacking right before bed. If you're like me and simply have to have something sweet before you go to sleep, here are some tips that might help you to break the habit.

Eating During the Day

Are you eating enough during the day? Some people eat snacks in the evening hours because they haven't been getting the nutrients the body needs during the day. Allow yourself to have healthy snacks during the day. Snacks that are high in protein and low in sugar are great options, and incorporate well-balanced meals in your diet as well. 

Why Are You Snacking?

Figure out why you're snacking. Are you truly hungry, or are you bored? Or are you like me and you've turned your nighttime snacking into a habit? Once you figure out why you're snacking you can take steps to stop it. If you're truly hungry, eat more during the day; if you're bored, find something that you enjoy doing and do that in place of eating. If you've created a habit, take steps to break your routine. 


Another way to stop snacking in the evening is to drink a glass of water before you choose to snack on anything. The body can trick you, making you think you're hungry when you're really not. By giving it water you're putting sustenance into the body without adding calories. If you drink a full glass of water and are still hungry 30 minutes later, that's a true sign that your body needs calories and you should go for a healthy snack. 

I quit snacking at night in a two-step process. First, I changed out my snack for a small glass of milk. While milk still has calories in it, the change allowed my body to get used to having a beverage as a snack rather than food. Once I got used to that, I substituted milk for water. I won't lie, there are still days when I take one or two cookies to bed, but they are much fewer and further between than they used to be.

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