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Why It's So Important To Stand Up to Back Pain


Chiropractors know that many of the cases of back pain that they see, come from poor posture. Wherever you are with your back and posture, it is definitely worth a check to see if you are maintaining good posture 24-7.

Check your posture while driving, sitting and working

If you have good posture you could be helping yourself have a healthy back for life. That may sound fairly innocent if you have not experienced back pain. But If you have been hit by it you know how crucial prevention really can be.

Ways to Improve Posture & Protect Your Back

EasyHealthOptions tells us driving time coupled with bad posture can harm our backs. Most of us, without thinking, curl forward into a ‘C’ shape with the upper back and head leaning forward toward the steering wheel when we drive. When you get in the car, adjust your seat, steering wheel and head and arm positions so you are sitting up straight. At first it will feel awkward but stay with it until it becomes natural. When you do you are taking a big step to protect your back.

Using your screens in your cell, laptop or tablet, as you slump forward on the couch creates another ‘C’ position, as your back and head bend forward over the screen. This often starts out as a quick session that lingers on for hours, forcing your back and neck into unnatural unhealthy positions.

Text neck shows up just as often, as we live with our phones ‘round the clock and often lean forward and peer down at the screen. Start holding your phone up and looking straight ahead at the screen, erasing that ugly, unhealthy slump. Putting driving, couch time and phone time together you can easily see how you are stressing your neck and back and opening the door to pain and injury. Your chiropractor can help you with ways to straighten up and treatment for any pain that you are already having.

See Your Chiropractor Soon

The initial visit will include spinal manipulation to establish spinal health, a complete medical history and a review of your daily routine, how much you drive, sit, and bend over screens. Then the chiropractor will want to know about the rest of your day, if you exercise, if you have a healthy diet, if you have found ways to relax. Together the two of you can determine where you are and what you need to do.

I have seen a variety of cases where persistent back pain threatened to take over everything else. But their chiropractors helped them slow down, relax, learn good posture approaches and practice them, and eventually regain their normal schedules.

The chiropractor’s goal is to treat the patient, to try to help relieve pain and restore normal activities without surgery or medications.

If you or someone in your family is facing back pain, see your chiropractor to start regrouping and reclaiming your life. Or perhaps you are at the early stages with twinges of back or neck pain and a lot of bad posture habits. Make an appointment now.

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