Benchmarking for Chiropractic Clinics


In the process of managing a chiropractic care facility, and carrying out the process of administration, there is a constant need for a perspective of how the facility is operating overall. There is so much data that is collected, so many records that are processed, and tons of other files that need to be managed to contribute to the overall performance of the facility. Chiropractors, administrators, assistants, receptionists, and every other employee that operates within the confines of a chiropractic clinic is tasked with developing a productive and efficient system of operations but without paying attention to the correct information, it is nearly impossible to assess whether or not the chiropractic clinic is performing well.

One way that administrators and clinic operators can assess the performance of their clinic is through the process of benchmarking. This involves identifying key data points and monitoring them over time. The data points chosen should reflect the desired outcomes that the clinic is trying to achieve so when a clinic analyses these data points, they can get an idea of where the clinic is operationally. These benchmarks should also provide chiropractic clinic operators with an overall perspective of where the clinic stands, where the clinic can go from here, and how close the clinic is to meeting its performance and quality goals.

There are two key data points that a chiropractic clinic should observe throughout the process of benchmarking. First, the amount of new-patient referrals that a chiropractic clinic is receiving provides chiropractic clinics with an idea of the level of patient satisfaction with the clinic.

Additionally, analyzing the amount of patients that are returning to the practice for follow up treatments after re-injuring themselves can give the clinic an idea of the quality of care and the effectiveness of the chiropractic professionals’ chosen treatment options. If there are a lot of patients who are returning to the clinic, then it may be time to look at what the chiropractors are doing 

for their patients and maybe enact some training initiatives. On the other hand if there are few returning patients after another injury, then the chiropractic clinic can be confident that performance and quality of care is remaining high.

Overall, benchmarking is an integral part of the process in managing any healthcare facility. But in chiropractic care, it can be difficult to analyze performance. With using key data indicators in the benchmarking process chiropractic clinics can guarantee that they are operating efficiently and effectively.

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