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How to Quit These Back Busting Bad Habits

By Genevieve Cunningham

We all have a few bad habits that we’re not proud to possess. Smoking, TV marathons, nail biting. The list could go on. Most of the time, bad habits do little harm. Other times, bad habits contribute to poor health or pain. And often times, we don’t even realize that a bad habit is causing us trouble. This is especially true for the back. Many of our habits lead to back pain, and we don’t even know it! If you suffer from back pain, take a look at these bad habits that may make it worse, followed by some tips to quit.

The Habit: Staying Up Too Late

We’re all guilty of this. We stay up playing games, browsing our phones, or watching TV. While this might not seem like a terrible habit, it keeps us from getting the necessary rest for healing the body. Without enough sleep, our bodies can never fully recuperate and pain becomes par for the course.

How to Quit

If you want to stop staying up late, it’s going to take some work. Start by setting a bedtime and wake up time for yourself. Turn off the electronics and the lights and get comfortable. It might also help to create a wind down routine that helps alleviate stress every night before hitting the hay.

The Habit: Avoiding the Gym

We all know that we’re supposed to exercise, and yet we often skip it. If this is you, your back is probably not as strong or flexible as it should be. Skipping the gym can lead to both muscle and bone weakness, which means more pain in your future.

How to Quit

Making exercise a habit requires two things: determination and preparation. Pack your gym bag in the morning so that you're prepared after work. If that doesn’t work, try an at-home workout or a simple walk around the block. In order to find determination, just set some personal goals to work toward every day.

The Habit: Texting

This is probably the most prevalent and irritating habit in today’s world. Texting usually means terrible posture, constant neck strain, and ongoing pain. Unfortunately this isn’t specific to texting only, but instead encompasses all phone activity.

How to Quit

You’re probably not going to quit this habit anytime soon, but you may be able to manage it. Start by leaving the phone out of arm’s reach during certain activities during the day. Once you’ve mastered this, work toward limiting the time spent on any electronic device, and instead fill your time with something productive that's non-electric.

A Catch-All Solution: Chiropractic Care

While breaking bad habits is a great start, adding chiropractic care to your routine can really go a long way. Chiropractors use spinal manipulation to remove restrictions from the vertebrae, which then reduces pain and increases flexibility. It may also bring benefits such as better focus, less illness, and a greater sense of well-being. If eliminating back pain is the goal, visiting a chiropractor is a must for your future.

If you’re ready to try chiropractic care, check out The Joint Chiropractic. Getting care at The Joint is a stress-free process. Just use the affordable pricing and walk-in visits to get quality care. Getting a little care can go a long way in the health of your back. Get moving in the right direction beginning with a quick stop at The Joint as soon as today.

To learn more about your health and wellness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Houston, Tex.

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