4 Tips to Keep You Safe on a Treadmill

Treadmills are most people’s go-to work out while at the gym. While treadmills are considered safe, there is always a risk that an accident can happen.

Just this month, Dave Goldberg, the Survey Monkey CEO (and husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg), died shortly after using the treadmill. It is believed that Goldberg fell off the treadmill and then died from head trauma and blood loss.

This is not the only time an exerciser has been injured by a treadmill. In 2013, there were around 24,000 treadmill-related injuries that required emergency medical care. Treadmill accidents can also be very dangerous for children, and about 20,000 children were injured in 2009. Mike Tyson’s daughter also tragically died after playing with a jump rope and treadmill in 2009.

All of these risks are to remind you not to take exercising on a treadmill lightly. You don’t have to give up your treadmill workout, but it is best to protect yourself with these strategies.

Use the Safety Catch

Majority of treadmills have a string attached to the treadmill so that you can attach it you’re your arm. This string will stop the treadmill if you were to fall or pass out. It is also important to know where the kill switch is so that if you feel like you are starting to slip and get dizzy, you can push the button right away.

Secure Loose Objects

You don’t want to trip over a rouge water bottle or dropped iPod. Secure loose objects in the right holders and use an arm band for your iPod or phone so that it stays in place while you run. Use a gym locker so that you don’t have to worry about your keys, wallet, and other items.

Just Let Go

It can be scary when you feel like you are going to fall while running on the treadmill. The best thing to do is to let go of the arm rails and scoot off the back. Don’t grab onto the arm rails because this can cause scraped knees and muscle strain in your arms.

Have Space at Home

If you are using your treadmill at home, consider where you place it. It can be tempting to cram it into a corner or push it up against the wall to maximize your space. However, this is not the safest way to use a treadmill. There should be enough room so that if you fell, you can do so safely.

Keep your treadmill workout safe and remember not to work out if you are feeling faint or dizzy.

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