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Don't Overlook the True Measures of Your Success

By Sandy Schroeder

Sometimes we are way too hard on ourselves when it comes to measuring success. If you are always looking to go farther, faster, you are bound to slip occasionally, and then feel rather unsuccessful.

Of course, the big dollar measuring stick always comes out too. Even though people do not like to admit it, it is all too easy to judge success in terms of dollars, in spite of the many variables involved.

Core Ingredients

Deep down, research shows most of us do believe happiness, solid relationships with family and friends, and enjoying what we do, really are the best measures of success.

Success actually springs from who you are and there are some definite signs that make it so. Like these:

The world does not revolve around you - Becoming successful can be a tantalizing experience. But when it elevates you to a position where everybody else just seems to circle around you, something has gone really wrong. The biggest, most successful people I know always have the time to help others, to stop to answer questions, to pause and talk. Their humble approach just makes them that much more amazing.

Failure is always temporary - The really successful people that you enjoy knowing and working with simply do not give up. When an idea or a campaign crashes, they are the first to ask, “OK, how can we fix this?”  And then they do! Failure can be a wonderful teacher if you refuse to be buried by it, and look closely at the clues for change.

Perspective is vital - When things go wrong, many people go into a funk, or just drop back for a bit. But the true leaders know that this setback is usually fairly minor, in comparison to the many things going on in the world today. So they roll up their sleeves and keep right on going.

Asking for help makes sense - Sometimes when a new idea waivers and falls, it is hard to ask for suggestions. But when you do, you may see the project from a whole different standpoint, and find the way to whip it around to score. Let yourself be vulnerable enough to admit a little help could be goodThen learn from it and hop right back into the game.

Applaud others even if you lose - The really successful players are strong enough to congratulate others and keep on playing for their own future victories.

Know the difference in drama and depth - Sometimes people become bored with steady progress and enjoy the spark of a little drama. But truly successful people understand the difference and soon find drama for no reason to be a real drag.

Stop worrying what others will say - Truly successful people value the opinion of others, but they never live or die because of it. They have the self-confidence to stay centered and follow their own beliefs. Knowing how others feel is OK, but it simply cannot be your guiding star if you really want to excel.

Deep down, feeling successful can come at the most unexpected moments. It can spring from the eager questions of a newcomer asking for help, the welcome smiles of your team, or that dog tired feeling when you know you have given it everything you got. And that’s enough. That’s the ultimate reward of success, doing what you enjoy and giving it your all.


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