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What is a Subluxation?

If you've started looking into chiropractic care for yourself, you may have noticed the term “vertebral subluxation” come up in your research probably more than once. It’s such a scientific-sounding term that you’re probably wondering what exactly it means, and how it relates to chiropractic care and treatment. Essentially, a subluxation occurs when the spinal column has somehow misaligned out of its normal, healthy position. A subluxation can cause a lot of health problems and concerns that you may not even notice right away. Still, spinal misalignment can affect everything from the healthy functioning of your digestive system to the manner in which your immune system responds to allergic components of the surrounding nearby environment.

The Stages Of A Subluxation

There is essentially a chain of negative events that happens in your body once a subluxation occurs. When one or more of the vertebrae of your spine are out of their proper alignment and position, your joints, discs, and ligaments will suffer from increased stress and strain. A spine that is dealing with subluxation also suffers from limited mobility, which can even negatively impact our sense of balance and posture. As a result of a subluxation, the shoulder, hips, knees, and feet end upbeing forced to compensate for the lack of a balanced posture, which generally creates fatigue and aches and pains throughout the body.

A subluxation also causes nerve damage from the misalignment of the vertebrae. Since the nerves become stretched, compressed, or otherwise pinched, your vital organs won’t be getting the proper communication they need to function optimally. As a result, your body will be kicked into overdrive, which will increase feelings of pain and fatigue andwill make your overall health degraded. After nerve damage comes tissue damage. Since the joints are dealing with such abnormal amounts of pressure, the surrounding soft tissue becomes inflamed, and swelling often takes place. After this, muscle damage occurs in the body. Since muscles are considered components of the soft tissues, the stress and strain caused by a subluxation leads to the muscles tensing up. Ligaments and tendons surrounding the affected area begin to get weaker as a result.

Finally, the damaged nerves and muscles caused by a subluxation lead to damaged organs and weakened bodilyfunctions. A person suffering from a subluxation, whether they realize it or not, may face chronic fatigue, pain, headaches, a weakened immune system, fertility issues, joint degeneration, and possible organ malfunction.

Fortunately, this is where chiropractors can help; they will be able to identify subluxations in your spine and, using natural techniques, will be able to correct them.

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