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Smoking is a No-No, But What About Vaping?

The current percentage of active smokers is way down from years previous. From about the 1950s to the 1980s, people were pretty unaware of the negative consequences of lighting up. Smoking was tolerated, and in some circles, even encouraged. 

In today's world, this is no longer the case.

It wasn't long until health related concerns and information began to trickle down through the masses. For a few years, the advice went mostly ignored, with a vast number of people not fully understanding the impact of smoking. As time went on, smoking was linked to more and more unhealthy side effects such as lung cancer and emphysema. 

After what seemed like forever, the information linking cigarettes to major health concerns finally seemed to stick. Today, fewer and fewer people smoke, and it even carries a negative stigma. Of course, that’s not the end of all smoking. In its place, vaping has become increasingly popular. It wouldn’t be uncommon to walk down any street and see one or more people using this alternate form of smoking. But, is it really any better? Is vaping the healthy way to light up? Read on for a few simple facts about this new smoking phenomenon.

What Is an E-Cigarette?

When people talk about vaping, they are simply referring to the use of electronic cigarettes. But, what exactly is that? An electronic cigarette has a small compartment in which the person inserts a liquid form of nicotine. With heat, the liquid is turned into steam, and the person can then inhale this steam through a mouthpiece.

What Are They Used For?

Some people use e-cigarettes in place of traditional cigarettes. For example, in some places where smoking is prohibited, lighting up with an electronic cigarette is still allowed. Others use this alternative to help them quit. The e-cigarette takes the place of the traditional cigarette, and then they cut back from there. It helps them break the habit in a slow and steady way.

What Are the Pros?

Most of the time, vaping is thought to be safer than the traditional route. While the user can insert nicotine in order to keep their withdrawals at bay, they don’t have to use tobacco or the carcinogens that come with the traditional form of smoking. If you are looking for a healthier way to continue smoking, e-cigarettes may be the perfect alternative.

What Are the Cons?

Recent studies have brought the health aspects of vaping into question. Though researchers mostly agree that e-cigarettes are healthier than traditional smoking, they are not necessarily healthy compared to not smoking. Researchers found traces of dangerous carcinogens in a popular brand of vape pens. Nicotine is also considered unhealthy, and the number of calls to poison control because of vaping rose dramatically since their inception into mainstream smoking culture.

To Vape or Not to Vape?

If you’re trying to figure out whether vaping should be a part of your life, it greatly depends on your current lifestyle. If you are a current non smoker, most experts would agree that picking up e-cigarettes is a poor choice. If you would like to quit, vaping may be the perfect way to get it under control. All in all, do your research and talk to your doctor before buying in. Being educated about your options is the best way to make long term health a success.

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