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Improving Heart Health Through Diet

By Brandi Swieter

Telling people to “eat right” doesn’t always have the impact as intended. Those who eat unhealthy may be unaware of what is truly good to put into their bodies. Without proper instruction regarding which specific foods to consume, many will continue going on enjoying fattening options as always. Heart health is one thing that should be considered when meal planning. With the right diet, the heart can be greatly improved.

Cholesterol Improved By Almonds

Almonds contain a high amount of unsaturated fats. These good fats are beneficial to the body, and help to lower cholesterol levels. With less bad cholesterol in the body and more good amounts of it, blood pressure will be improved, as will the chances for preventing heart disease. Walnuts are also excellent sources.

Blood Flow Improved By Blueberries

Blueberries not only contain antioxidants that fight off diseases, but they also have special compounds within them that widen the arteries. This ensures better blood flow and allows the heart to pump blood efficiently, as well as get blood flowing back to the heart without any obstructions.

Arterial Inflammation Improved By Broccoli

Broccoli isn’t the most popular vegetable, but it is one that provides many benefits. One such benefit is its inclusion of sulforaphane. This nutrient can activate certain proteins within the body, such as Nrf2, which can then help to protect the arteries and prevent the buildup of plaque and the start of inflammation. With arterial inflammation reduced, the heart will be better off.

Cardiovascular Protection Improved By Salmon

Salmon contains selenium. This antioxidant works to improve the overall protection of the cardiovascular system. The best source of this is wild salmon caught while fishing. Farmed and processed options often fail to retain all of the beneficial nutrients.

Symptoms of Diabetes Improved By Coffee

Coffee may not be great for the body in excessive amounts, but just a couple of cups a day can actually prove beneficial. Plain black coffee without all the added sugar and cream has many antioxidant properties. They work to fight off the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can lead to heart troubles, so stopping it before it reaches that point is helpful.

Eating right is far more than consuming some fruits and veggies each day. Proper nutrients and vitamins can have a huge impact on the body, including the heart, and only certain items contain them. By eating the best foods possible, heart health can drastically be improved.

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