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The Real Causes of Back Pain

By Sara Butler

Back pain probably isn’t on your bucket list. In fact, it’s probably on the list of things you wish to avoid over the course of your life. Yet back pain is a very common complaint and one of the top reasons for missed work hours and productivity, according to the American Chiropractic Association. What is causing all of this back pain? There are many things that can be responsible, and here are some of the most common ways for back pain to start.

Your Hips

When you walk do you feel like your steps are even? Do the soles of your favorite shoes have equal and even wear? Many things can cause your hip alignment to be off, including carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder, practicing poor posture and even wearing shoes that don’t offer enough support. Misaligned hips can cause some serious issues with back pain, especially low back pain. These issues can be exacerbated by weak muscles in your core, your pelvis or your back. Lucky for you, your chiropractor can help you with each and every one of those problems!

Extended Periods of Sitting

If you have a desk job you know that a majority of your day is spent seated. When you sit for long periods of time it puts a lot of stress and strain on your spine, and this leads to discomfort and pain in your neck, back, shoulders and legs.

To help your body stay healthy while working your desk job, you should make sure to get up at least once an hour to move around. Also set up your workstation to better support your body by choosing a chair that fits you, as well as an ergonomic mouse pad and keyboard. If you need help with your work setup, discuss it with your chiropractor during your next visit – they happen to know a lot about this topic!

Text Neck

Technology is fantastic, but it certainly has some unintended consequences. Text neck happens to be impacting the lives of a lot of people as they look down at their phones or other electronic devices constantly throughout the day.

This downward tilt of the neck may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to a forward head posture that puts a lot of stress on your neck, overstretching the tissues and eventually leading to pain and spinal misalignment. Discuss text neck with your chiropractor during your next visit in order to get some helpful tips to keep your neck healthy as you continue to use your devices.

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