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Are you Wearing the Best Athletic Shoes for Your Feet?

Your feet and legs are the foundation of your entire body, and contribute to your posture and therefore your spinal health. So, choosing the right kind of athletic shoes is one of the most important decisions you can make, and also will have an impact on the health of your entire body. Here is what you need to know about selecting athletic shoes so that you stay as healthy and pain free as possible!

What is Right for You?

You need to choose function over fashion, but also keep in mind there is no such thing as the perfect shoe. Everyone has different feet and therefore different needs, but there are some general guidelines that can help. If you need clarification about the type of feet you have, talk to your chiropractor. They are experts in body mechanics, after all!

The “Normal” Foot

These are feet with a normal sized arch. A wet foot print from a normal foot shoes the heel and forefoot, connected by a broad band on the outside of the foot. If you have feet like this then your foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls slightly inward, absorbing shock. The best shoes for this type of foot are shoes that provide a lot of stability and have a slightly curved shape.

The Flat Foot

These feet have a low arch. A wet footprint will look like the entire sole of the foot, with no arch present. This is also called an over pronated foot, which means that it strikes on the outside of the heel and rolls disproportionately inward. This can lead to overuse injuries over time. The best shoes for this type of foot are high stability shoes with a very firm midsole. They should not twist or bend easily, nor should they be highly cushioned or highly curved. The name of the game for this type of foot is good stability control.

The High Arched Foot

These feet will leave a footprint that has a very narrow band connecting the heel and the forefoot. There may be no connecting band at all! These feet are normally called under pronated or supinated because the foot doesn’t roll in enough as your walk. This means that the foot is not a very effective shock absorber for your body. The best shoes to choose for this type of foot are cushioned shoes with a lot of flexibility in order to promote foot motion. You do not want a shoe with a lot of motion control or stability, because these will reduce mobility.

If you have any questions about the best shoe for your workout, talk to your chiropractor for some more tips!

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