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Warning Signs of Poor Circulation

It goes without saying that proper circulation is very important. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all the parts of your body, so any malfunction in your circulatory system can have a big impact on your health. Here are some warning signs that you may be experiencing poor blood circulation.


Everyone has experienced the sensation of a body part “falling asleep”, but if you experience these episodes on a frequent basis it could mean you have a more serious circulation problem.

Foggy Thinking

Your brain needs a good and steady supply of oxygen to work properly. When your circulation becomes sluggish then your mental abilities may slow down. If you have trouble thinking clearly or you’ve noticed a decline in your memory, it may mean poor circulation.

Loss of Appetite

If you’re experiencing a noticeable loss of appetite, it could be a sign that your circulation isn’t the best. Your digestive tract needs a good supply of blood to digest food and transport nutrients to the rest of the body. When your blood flow is depressed, you digestion can become impaired. This means you will feel less hungry, which has a larger impact on your metabolism if you’re not eating enough.

However, loss of appetite isn’t the only symptom of poor circulation to the digestive tract. If your digestive system doesn’t have an adequate blood supply, then foods can’t be digested properly. This can lead to nausea, loose bowel movements and other digestive issues.


If your circulatory system is impaired then it can’t deliver adequate oxygen to your body. Without a proper supply of oxygen and nutrients, your body will go into conservation mode to save energy. This means that you may feel tired and even exhausted and everyday tasks can become a challenge to perform.

Weak Immune System

Your circulatory system helps to maintain a healthy immune system. If it’s not working right, then neither is your immune system and that can mean your body has trouble fighting off infections.

Cold Hands and Feet

Poor circulation means that the parts of your body furthest from your heart won’t get enough blood, which means they won’t get heat, which means they are cold. If your fingers and toes are often frigid, this could be an indication of poor circulation.

What To Do

If you’re experiencing a few of these, talk to your chiropractor about your concerns. Chiropractic adjustments aren’t just for your back, but improve the connections between the nerves which can then help to restore proper circulation to your whole body.

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