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Reasons to Get Your Sleep!

By Donna Stark 

I appreciate late-night reruns of my favorite '80s shows as much as anyone else, but I also know that if I want to remain as healthy and productive as I can, I need to put down the remote and get some sleep. We can all be so eager to tune in to the TV, can't we? But there comes a time when we need to turn our devices off and tune in to what our bodies actually need. If you want to wake up and start your day on the right foot, you need to prioritize your rest every night. Here are several reasons why it is so important to do so.


Getting the recommended amount of sleep can increase your levels of alertness and concentration. You will find that it's easier to focus and pay attention, and that your ability to reason in a complex and logical manner is improved.


Studies show that sleep strengthens the nerve connections that create our memories. So basically, everything that you learn and experience each day gets tucked away during sleep. This is good to know, especially for students who think that staying up all night to study is more helpful than getting a good night of rest.


Did you know that fatigue can put you in harm's way? When you are overly tired, your reaction times become slower and that can create extremely dangerous situations. For example, drowsiness behind the wheel can be as dangerous as driving drunk, and if you are in a career that relies on split-second judgment calls, such as police officers or firefighters, being tired can alter how quickly you process information.

Muscle Repair

If you want to achieve certain goals and are killing it at the gym every day, you may want to take note of this. Sleep is essential for the growth and repair of your muscles. Don't let all your hard work go to waste simply because there are TV shows you want to watch.

Inflammation Reduction

In addition to repairing your muscles, sleep can also help to "repair" your inflammation. There are many things that trigger the body's inflammatory response during the day, but sleep is the time when the body can actually restore itself and return to a less inflamed state.

Overall Health

When you get the recommended amount of sleep, your overall health can change significantly. Sleep helps you cope with stress, balances your moods, and encourages you to exercise and eat well.

Tune in to Your Body

Convinced yet? Are you ready to put down your remote and prioritize your sleep? Improving your sleep habits will undoubtedly improve your overall health and wellness, so don't delay! After all, there isn't a TV show on the planet that will ever be more important than your health.

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