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4 Reasons Why You Are Always Tired

When you become an adult, it can sometimes seem like fatigue or exhaustion are the names of the game. No matter how much sleep you get, you just feel tired! There are many reasons why someone is always tired. For some, the answer is obvious: you are tired all of the time because insomnia is your middle name. For others, it is not so simple. Maybe you are getting enough sleep, but you still feel rundown. Maybe you’ve been running on empty for days, weeks, or even months, and you’re more than ready for an energy boost.

You may be asking yourself, ‘Seriously, why am I so tired?!’ Check out these four reasons why many are always tired to improve your lifestyle and get the sleep you need.

Your Day is Mostly Sedentary

Try to think about your day. Do you have a long commute by car or train? Do you sit (mostly) at work? Do you come home exhausted, plop down on the couch, and watch tv or surf the internet? If you do, then your day is pretty sedentary! You may feel like you are constantly on the move, but you are failing to do the most important movement...exercise. Getting in a little exercise can seem tough when you are already tired, but skipping the routine will only make you more exhausted in the long run. Exercise helps your body to produce more energy, so after a workout, you are likely to feel refreshed and more energized. If you simply don’t have the time to hit the gym, then try some other options. Take a walk after dinner, buy some home workout dvds, or exercise on your lunch break. Just get up and get moving to gain a little more energy.

You Are a Coffee and Soda Fanatic

It is so very tempting to reach for the caffeine when you are tired. A cup or two a day probably won’t even hurt you. The truth, however, is that the more coffee, soda, or tea that you drink , the less water you are taking in. Dehydration, which happens a lot more quickly than most people realize, is a surefire way to feel exhausted. To fix this little problem, just replace your sodas with a glass full of H2O until your water intake is sufficient.

You Can’t Let It Go

Are you one of those people that has to get everything perfectly right? Do you obsess over comments made at work? If this is you, then you are causing yourself entirely too much stress. Essentially, not letting go of the small stuff raises your stress levels, quickens your heartbeat, and keeps you amped up. That of course, hinders your ability to wind down and fall asleep. To get control of this bad habit, ask for some help in letting go of the small things so that you can focus on the larger problems at hand.

Your Eating Schedule Is Erratic

Doing things like skipping breakfast, eating lunch at random hours, or alternating dinner time from day to day can keep your body out of whack. Your body and mind work off of the cues that you give it. If you don’t give it consistent clues, it can’t respond consistently. It doesn’t know when to be awake, when to rest, when to use energy, or when to store it. To fix this problem, get your eating times and habits under control and consistent.

If you feel like you are constantly overly tired, check out these common causes that may be the culprit. Don’t keep living with ongoing fatigue. Find the causes, eliminate them, and get the rest you need.

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