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Are Your Work Habits Hurting Your Spine?

As American adults, we spend massive amounts of time at work. Working is a part of the American culture, and as a result, people are spending more time than ever on the clock. Though work takes up a huge portion of our lives, we also need to make enough time to take care of our health. An area that you can really work on whether you are on the clock or off is your spinal health. Here are some extremely common working habits that may be killing the health of your spine.

Habit #1: Sitting All Day

This is a pretty common habit for a lot of people. A lot of jobs require us to be in a seated position for a majority of the day, but that’s not always healthy on the body. Sitting too long can put pressure on the spine and place it at an awkward angle. This results in pain and stiffness over a long period of time.

How to Fix It

On your breaks, get up and move. Walk around the office, do some jumping jacks, whatever it takes. If allowed, you can also add a little movement throughout the working day. Stand while talking on the phone or while on the computer. Just a little bit of movement will really add up and make a big difference at day’s end.

Habit #2: Eating Fast Food

You might be wondering what your diet has to do with your spinal health. Actually, it has a lot to do with it! Eating a well balanced diet will give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. It will also promote a healthy weight for your frame. When you carry excess weight, an enormous amount of pressure is placed on the spine and the joints. This leads to pain and even injury in severe cases.

How to Fix It

While it can be tempting to hop over to the local fast food joint at lunch, resist the urge by packing a healthy lunch. If you’re not great at preparation, go ahead and place some healthy items in the refrigerator at work, so if you ever forget, you have some options available. This might take some practice to get used to, but with a little diligence, it can really improve your overall health.

Habit #3: Dressing for Looks

We all want to look good, and at your job, you especially want to impress. That’s great! Unfortunately, however, shoes that lack support can really wreak havoc on your spine. Shoes that don’t support the arch of the foot, or especially high heels can throw your back out of whack and cause long term problems.

How to Fix It

Buy comfortable and supportive shoes for the working hours. It might be hard to give up your favorite pair of good looking shoes, but taking special care of your feet at work can take care of your back for the long term.

A Solution for All

A great solution for helping in all of these scenarios is to get regular chiropractic care. Many people that see a chiropractor on a regular basis report a reduction in inflammation, pain, and other negative symptoms. A chiropractor may be able to align the spine regularly, which promotes both spinal and bodily health.

To get quality chiropractic care, get to The Joint...the Chiropractic Place. The Joint accepts walk-in appointments every day and also has an affordable pricing plan set in place. These 2 combined make it easier than ever for more and more people to get the care they need starting today. A chiropractor at The Joint may be able to align your spine and help you stay healthy all day long.

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