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Foundations for Optimal Health: Nutrients In, Toxins Out

By Dr. Molly Casey


Achieving optimal health is a necessity to living a fulfilled life, but the information available through search engines can be overwhelming. Really, how are we supposed to keep it all straight when around each corner a new study comes out contradicting what was published in the past week? As I stated in the first article of this series about the Central Nervous System, the answer is to focus on the cornerstones of health and supporting how the body as a structure functions. Most plans—whether a food plan or a way to approach healing—work at some point for some people but not for everyone all the time. So, instead of jumping from plan to plan in hopes of finding what works, stick to the basics, and the protocol that fits will come as you build on the foundations for optimal health.

Cornerstone No. 2: Feed the Cells, Detox the Body

The quality of what goes into your body and the degree to which it can easily rid itself of what’s not needed is fundamental to your health.

Feed the Cells

The forest is missed for the trees so often in health and wellness. Cells are the smallest structural component of you. Groups of cells make tissue, muscle and organs. On the basic level we need to make sure these bad boys get fed. How do we feed them? Let me tell you it’s not with one diet plan over the other, but rather with proper oxygen, clean water and whole food. The first rule of feeding the cells is to make sure they are getting proper oxygen. The way to do this is to make sure you are belly breathing (diaphragmatic breathing), not breathing from your chest. I’d estimate 90-95 percent of all my patients over the last 10 years breathe improperly. This affects your health, poorly.

Next, recognize that another part of feeding the cells is hydration. Drink water, half your bodyweight in ounces each day. It will help satiate your sense of hunger and it won’t be the sugar-laden sodas or other drinks you might have otherwise. Also, fuel your cells with whole foods, and there’s a simple way to remember this: Just Eat Real Food (JERF). If we all shifted focus back to giving our bodies (thus the cells) food that is un-doctored with all sorts of processing, additives and chemicals, our individual health—and that of society’s as a whole—would improve greatly. This is nothing new. The easy rule on this is shop local, organic, non-GMO and at farmers markets when you can. Then, when you need to use the grocery store, be sure to buy from the perimeter aisles of the store and the produce section. The middle aisles are all packaged and processed. Frankly, there is nothing you, your body or your cells need there! The other easy rule is if it’s in a package, don’t eat it. Products are modified to be kept “well” in the package so you can believe me that there are things in there that aren’t feeding your cells. On that note, it’s important to know that these cells are not only fed by what food you eat but what chemicals, drugs and toxins you are exposed to or ingest, so take stock.

What, overall, is going into your body? Go beyond your food, to your body care or makeup products, your housecleaning and laundry supplies, to what you keep your leftover food stored in while it’s in the fridge. It all matters and is either feeding or depleting your cells.

Detox the Body

Practices to clean out your body as a whole is as important as feeding your cells. Detoxing itself is aided significantly by proper feeding of the cells—meaning when there is adequate oxygen and water, and is limited in toxins, the body can rid itself of toxins with much greater ease and less assistance.

So Rule No. 1 for detoxing your body is feed your cells properly.

Rule No. 2 is engage with baseline detox processes that cost little to no money, if need be, so there is no excuse. Baseline detoxing includes exercise, decreasing stress (meditation is a fantastic, free way to do this), and making time for fun. Including these in your life has more to do with commitment than anything else. Consistently moving your body and having work/life balance with specific de-stressing activities built in will do wonders for your health. If you have the extra cash to spend, infrared saunas or colon hydrotherapy are great ancillary supports to a detox process and they can literally change your life!

Feel better, be healthier, and decrease the effect of societal “health” information bombardment by shifting your focus back to the cornerstones of health. Until next time, feed those cells and detox that body.


About the Author: Dr. Molly Casey is a Doctor of Chiropractic who practices in the Los Angeles area. She works twice a week at The Joint’s Glendale, CA clinic.



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