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Foundations for Optimal Health: Central Nervous System

By Dr. Molly Casey

Watering Garden

I just searched ‘low carb plan’ and got 24 pages of results on Google. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt left behind or confused with all the health information out there these days? My guess is yes, at least once, right? There are so many different plans, diets, protocols, tests, intolerances and insensitivities to look out for that it’s hard to know which way is up. I work in the industry and know it can be overwhelming at best. So where should you start in regard to optimal health. Really, where should you start? And how do you sift through the barrage of information out there to know what applies to you in our health journey?

The Foundation

Focus on your foundation. Shift your attention from focusing on piecemeal information about gut or heart health, or weight loss or cholesterol-lowering studies, to focusing on the cornerstones of health. The body is a machine, pieces and parts that work together. There are basic requirements that must be met for it to function at its best. These requirements are simple yet so very often overlooked and rarely ever presented in a clear manner. When you focus on the cornerstones of health, your body naturally begins to function at a much higher level and you are not needing that piecemeal information that often leaves you feeling totally overwhelmed with the idea of getting and staying healthy.

Let’s take a look at the first cornerstone of health so you can begin to understand your body better as well as know what information out there is helpful in your quest for better health and what you can ignore.

Cornerstone No. 1: Central Nervous System

You live your entire life through your nervous system, we all do! It’s the most important system in your body, and how it’s functioning is the basis of all your health! Have you been taught how to take care of it? Most have not. Without getting into too much science, let me give you a quick run down. Your brain sends messages down your spinal cord; those messages then go out pairs of nerves that go to every cell in your body. Every function in your body -- and I mean every function -- occurs because of the messages the brain sends down the cord and out the nerves to the cells and the cells back to the brain. It’s a communication loop and if it’s running with interference, you will experience health problems -- some you may be aware of, some you may not. It’s that simple. So step No. 1 in the foundations for optimal health is to do everything in your power to make sure your brain is able to communicate properly with the rest of your body.

What Next?

So just how is it that you can actively engage in a lifestyle that supports proper brain-body communication and nervous system health all in order to improve your overall health and quality of life? That’s easy! Get your spine checked and adjusted by licensed doctors of chiropractic at The Joint Chiropractic, referred to as DCs, for joint dysfunctions commonly known as subluxations. The spine protects the nervous system. If the spine is moving correctly and functioning as intended, the nervous system at a structural level is able to run without interference. If the spine is subluxated (misaligned or not moving correctly), it interferes with the No. 1 foundational component of health -- your nervous system.

One of the easiest analogies is to think of yourself watering a garden with a hose. I come up behind you and step on the hose. Although water is still coming through and you can still get that garden watered, it may take four hours instead of two, which is certainly not optimal. If I take my foot off that hose, you then are able to get it done much quicker because the flow of water has returned. The subluxation in this analogy is my stepping on the hose. The chiropractic adjustment would be lifting my foot off the hose restoring proper flow/communication. It’s that simple.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed in health and life. It is often what holds people like you and me back from achieving our health and wellness goals. Being overwhelmed is also avoidable by actively re-centering yourself in your foundation -- your values and priorities. So, stop sifting through all those health articles, shift your focus back to the concepts that at your body’s core provide it the opportunity to be as healthy as it can be. Bring it back to the basics and go get your spine adjusted!


About the Author: Dr. Molly Casey is a Doctor of Chiropractic who practices in the Los Angeles area. She works twice a week at The Joint’s Glendale, CA clinic.



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