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How to Pick the Best Seating for Your Back

By Krista Elliott

Current day lifestyles and jobs have us sitting on our derrières much more than previous generations did. Many of us sit at a desk working at a computer all day, and then plunk ourselves down in front of the TV or our mobile devices at night. Not only can this result in a wide range of health issues, it can also lead to problems such as pain and subluxations in your back and neck. Headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome can result as well.

Your leisure habits aren't likely to change any time soon (let's be realistic), and you may not have much choice in how much sitting you do at work. So, the way you sit and the furniture you sit on is very important. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your spine, neck, and joints whether you're chained to your desk or being a couch potato.

Sofa, So Good

Many sofas and chairs are designed with aesthetics and short-term comfort in mind. This usually translates into overstuffed or sleek 'n' trendy pieces without much consideration being given to support. Long-term, this can lead to spinal issues.

Sofas can often be too deep, and hard to get back out of. If your feet don't rest comfortably on the floor while your back is resting against the back, it was likely designed for people with longer legs. Shop around for another one. When you sit on your sofa, you should be able to touch the floor with your feet and your spine should feel supported but comfy. Reclining sofas and chairs can relieve some of the spinal compression you experience on a regular basis, providing a rest for your aching spine and joints. 

Does This Mean I Have to Actually Work?

If you spend a lot of hours in your desk chair, don't cheap out. Substandard desk chairs put you at risk for back and neck pain, pinched nerves in your legs, poor circulation, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. The more adjustable the chair, the better, so customize it for your exact build and workspace. 

An alternative to the traditional ergonomic chair is the kneeling chair. These types of chairs are especially beneficial for those suffering from sciatica. Using a kneeling chair distributes your weight more evenly, instead of it all being concentrated in your backside. As a result, it reduces the pressure on your back, buttocks, and legs, thus relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Stability balls are another good option. While sitting on them, you're less likely to hunch over. Furthermore, your core will automatically receive a workout, strenghtening your back and abdomen muscles, making them more injury-proof. Your balance will also improve over time, which will help you prevent spine-endangering slips and falls.

Even if your furniture is back-friendly and you've made a conscientious effort to sit properly, you may still find yourself in pain at times.

This is where chiropractic treatment by the experts at The Joint Chiropractic, can help. Chiropractors can perform spinal manipulations and make joint adjustments that can help treat subluxations, release pinched nerves, and ease sore muscles. Furthermore, the chiropractic doctors at The Joint can recommend and guide you through exercises that will help your entire musculoskeletal system become stronger and more resilient. 

So get off your duff and come vist The Joint today!

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