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Signs Your Blood Sugar is Too High

By Sara Butler

Diabetes is a serious condition that impacts the lives of many Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 29 million people in the United States suffer from this disease. If not treated correctly, or not diagnosed at all, it can lead to serious side effects such as kidney damage, nerve damage, heart disease, and loss of vision. The symptoms of high blood sugar can be a bit sneaky, so if you’re wondering what to be on the lookout for, here are a few symptoms that should be on your radar.

You Are Very Familiar With Bathrooms

Increased urination is a sign of diabetes. When too much sugar is in your blood, your kidneys must work to flush it out through your urine, so they go into overdrive producing it. This results in increased trips to the bathroom all day long – and all night, too. You’ll probably be more thirsty since you’re losing so much fluid, which only adds to the problem!

You’re Tired

Fatigue is one of the biggest side effects of dehydration. If you’re going to the bathroom quite a lot, finding yourself thirsty, and then also discovering that you feel totally wiped, then you need to get checked for diabetes.

This fatigue will likely still be felt even if you’re going to bed and waking up at a decent hour. Sleep can’t help be interrupted by all that urination, so you’re probably getting less sleep than you think.

Blurry Vision

The lens in your eye is sensitive to your blood sugar levels. That means that if your sugar is too high the lens can swell and change shape, resulting in changes to your vision. If you’ve noticed lately that your vision is unclear or blurry even while wearing your contacts or glasses, then get it checked out.

Bleeding Gums

Red, tender, swollen, and bleeding gums can be a sure sign of high blood sugar. That’s because the increased sugar in your system makes your mouth an even more inviting place for bacteria – bacteria that cause your gums to become irritated and take longer to heal. If you notice your gums bleed easily and regularly when brushing your teeth, then take that as a serious sign that something isn’t right.

Don't let diabetes go untreated or undiagnosed. Listen to your body and look for the signs! 

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