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Lift Weights? Maybe You Should See a Chiropractor

By Paul Rothbart

Having a regular exercise routine keeps you in shape and the body healthy. There are many forms of exercise to choose from. One of the more popular and more effective is weight training. In gyms, at schools, and at home, thousands are pumping iron and making progress. Bigger, stronger muscles allow you to do heavier tasks, look good, and burn fat. Lean muscle mass is an important part of a healthy body. You've got to be careful as weight training can be very hard on the body. There is always a risk of injury and plenty  of stress is placed on the ligaments, tendons, and joints, as well as the muscles. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning to start a weight training regimen. 

Warm Up

Never just step up to a barbell and start pressing heavy weights. That is a recipe for disaster. Muscles and connective tissue must be warmed up before intense work. Start by gently stretching. Muscles with greater elasticity are much less likely to be torn or pulled. Light exercise such as running in place will get the blood pumping and raise the body temperature. Don't jump right into a heavy weight. Do a few sets with very light weights for high reps. After a sufficient warm-up, the heavy lifting can start. Don't overdo it though. Rest when you get tired.

Work Out Safely

A safe workout includes proper technique when performing any exercise. Have an experienced weight trainer show you how or look it up online. Lift and lower slowly and carefully. Always have a spotter for very heavy weights. If you can't make that last squat or bench press and there is no one else around, you can be seriously injured. Use equipment correctly. Make sure collars are locked onto barbells and dumbbells. Be mindful of where other people may be working out. Stay out of their way and make sure they are not in yours. Use lifting belts and gloves when necessary.

See a Chiropractor

No matter how careful you are, weight training is going to put stress on your spine and joints. This can cause subluxations or other problems that can be painful and possibly become serious issues. Regular chiropractic care can fix these problems as they happen and before they get worse. By having a chiropractor keep your spine and joints aligned and functioning well, you may have better workouts and make more progress. 

Lifting weights is excellent exercise and has many benefits for health. But caution is necessary to prevent injury due to the stress heavy weights place on the body. If you are a weightlifter, think about stopping by at The Joint Chiropractic. No appointment is necessary and a chiropractor might just make a significant difference in your training and your life. 

To learn more about your health, wellness and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Los Angeles, Calif.

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