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Calories In, Calories Out: Weight Loss Success!

By Genevieve Cunningham

Losing weight is an incredibly common goal. Most people hope to drop a few pounds at one point or another. Between delicious food, inactivity, and stress, it's not at all uncommon to hold a little bit of extra weight. When we set out to lose weight, we often make it really complicated. We look for a magical diet or a new workout program. We want the magic pill, so to speak. But what if the answer to weight loss is simple? What if the old theory of "move more than you eat" is the most effective approach? Good news: It is! If you're looking to drop a little weight and get healthy, take a look at why tracking your calories in and out is the best way to go.

Weight Loss is a Numbers Game

We may not enjoy looking at weight loss as a numbers game, but that's really the truth at the most basic level. Consuming too many calories leads to weight gain, and burning more calories leads to weight loss. Can it get more complicated than that? Of course it can, and sometimes it does. But for the common man, it can really be this simple. Count your calories going in, cut back, and increase the calories going out. If you can do this, you'll be well on your way to weight loss. 

How Do We Move More than Eat?

Though the idea of less calories in and more calories out is a simple concept, it's not easy to do. We like food. We dislike exercise. See the problem? But we can make the process easier with just a few minor adjustments. Start by measuring your portions and skipping second helpings. Then cut back on snacks. This starts the process of calorie counting. Then add movement. If you don't want to add an official workout, try walking after dinner. Try walking or stretching or doing yoga on your lunch break. Try doing a few squats or lunges while you watch TV. You'll probably be surprised at how quickly you get used to movement, and how effective it is at improving health. Keep it simple, and you're much more likely to stick with it long-term.

Is weight loss hard? Sometimes. Does it have to be? Probably not. It all breaks down to calories; you have to burn more than you consume. Try this simple approach first, and you might be surprised at how much weight you can lose and how healthy you can feel with this effective advice. 

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