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Live Longer By Eating These Omega-3 Foods

By Paul Rothbart

When it comes to eating well, people tend to shun fats. They can increase cholesterol, clog arteries, and make you gain unhealthy weight. Not all fats are the same and they aren't all unhealthy. There are several types of fat that can boost your health. A healthy example is the omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are beneficial to your brain, heart, and gut. Research has also discovered a link between longevity and consuming omega-3s. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published a study that monitored 2,240 participants over an 11 year period. The results of the study showed that higher levels of omega-3s in the blood lowered the mortality rate in people over 65. Where can you find this incredible nutrient? Here are some excellent food sources. 


Nuts in general are nutritious foods. Walnuts contain more omega-3s than any other nut. Studies have found that this content is why walnuts help improve cognitive function, cardiovascular health, as well as decrease inflammation. They have also been shown to improve mental health. These benefits can all add up to a longer, more healthy life. Walnuts are an excellent food to add to your diet.

Fatty Fish

When it comes to omega-3 content, nothing beats fatty fish. Some of the best fish sources include mackerel, sardines, tuna, and salmon. These are tasty fish that can be used in many recipes. Nutritionists recommended including at least two servings of fatty fish per week in your diet. Keep this in mind when planning meals. Fish oil supplements can also be a good source of omega-3s.


It's hard to imagine something as small as flaxseed containing any significant amount of nutrients. They are loaded with omega-3s. Research has found that with their high omega-3 content, flaxseeds help improve cardiovascular health. They are a good choice for a midday snack.

Chia Seeds

Like flaxseeds, chia seeds are small but contain plenty of nutrition. They have more fiber and protein than flaxseeds and are also rich in omega-3s. Thus, they provide the same benefits to health and longevity. You can add a spoonful of them to meals to increase their nutritional content.

Algae Oils

One sometimes overlooked way to prepare healthier meals is the choice of oil used to cook. Algae oils are loaded with omega-3s and can add that nutrient to any meal cooked in them. You get the same benefits by using algae oils to saute and fry as you would from eating omega-3 foods. 

When it comes to a long life, what you eat makes a difference. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the best nutrients for longevity and you can get plenty of them by including these foods in your diet. 

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