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Just the Facts: Your Spine

By Sara Butler

One of the most important things about chiropractic care at The Joint Chiropractic is education. The chiropractors at The Joint believe that educating patients about their health and wellness is one of the most vital things they can do -- especially when it comes to the health of your spine. To care for your spine correctly, you must first understand it. So, here are a few fun facts about your spine that you can impress your chiropractor with during your next adjustment!

You’re Born with More Bones

When babies are born, they have around 300 bones. Eventually, many of these bones fuse together, but they’re like this at birth to help you come into this world through the birth canal. As you grow, the spaces between the bones (such as the baby’s soft spot on its head) will grow together via a process called ossification. This progression begins shortly after birth and lasts well into your 20s. By the time you’re an adult, you have about 206 bones -- if you’re lucky!

The Arches in Your Feet Are Because of the Spine

Most people have a difficult time envisioning just how the body is interconnected, but one great example is the feet. The arches you have in your feet are there to help your spine balance your entire body, walk in an upright position, and withstand the weight of the body. The arches help to spread the burden out a bit so the spine (and the feet!) can do the job a little more efficiently and effectively.

Your Spine is S-Shaped

Your spine is supposed to be curved -- just like the letter S. Before humans walked upright, the spine had just one curve, an upward arch, to accommodate walking on all fours. When humans began to walk upright or on its back legs, a different shape to the spine evolved over time to form an S – with a backward curve at the top and a forward curve at the bottom to help balance!

Your Spinal Cord is Light!

The spinal cord has a really important job -- it sends messages from your brain to the rest of your body. You would think something as vital as the spinal cord would be cumbersome, but it’s not. In fact, your spinal cord only weights about 1.2 ounces on average -- that’s incredibly light!

Take care of your spine with the help of the chiropractors at The Joint!

To learn more about your health, wellness, and fitness, see your local chiropractor at The Joint Chiropractic in Jacksonville, Fla.

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