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The Joint Chiropractic - Jacksonville, Florida

Welcome to The Joint Chiropractic - Jacksonville Harbour Village! As your Jacksonville chiropractor dedicated to family chiropractic and spine health, we invite you to join the millions of Americans who have not only found relief from lower back pain, sciatica pain, and migraines, but also a pathway to wellness with chiropractic's natural, drug-free approach to healthcare.

How can chiropractors at The Joint Chiropractic in Jacksonville help you?

Whether you have seen a chiropractor in the past or are seeking a local chiropractor near you for the first time, expect your visit to The Joint Chiropractic - Jacksonville Harbour Village to be different from any healthcare experience you've had before. Perhaps even life-changing.

Here are a few reasons why The Joint Chiropractic in Jacksonville is your perfect destination for pain relief and preventative care:

  • Conveniently Located
  • Open Nights & Weekends
  • No Appointments Required
  • No Insurance Hassles, Requirements or Copays
  • Quality Chiropractic Care by Licensed Professionals
  • Affordable Personalized Care Plans

As you can see, chiropractic care provided by the licensed chiropractors at The Joint offers you and your family an affordable, convenient and accessible solution like no other.

How can routine chiropractic care help improve your quality of life?

Through manual manipulation of the spine delivered to the highest standards by licensed chiropractors, chiropractic care works to restore and maintain proper communication from your brain to your body by relieving what chiropractors refer to as a subluxation, or a misalignment, of the spine. Restoring proper alignment to the spine can assist with pain relief and prevention of:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Migraine and Tension Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain and Elbow Pain
  • Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Injuries
  • And More!

So whatever “symptoms” you or your family may be experiencing, visit our Jacksonville chiropractic office today to learn more about how you could improve your overall health and well-being. And remember, you never need an appointment to visit, so stop in when it is convenient for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Alyssa Smith Keimig, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Jacksonville Harbour Village

Dr. Alyssa Smith Keimig joined The Joint Chiropractic’s group of local chiropractors in 2016, and began her role as clinical director at the Jacksonville Harbor Village location at the end of 2017. Dr. Smith is a 2005 graduate of Salisbury (Md.) University, where she earned a bachelor of science degree in clinical exercise science with an emphasis on anatomy and physiology/kinesiology. She received her doctorate in 2008 from New York Chiropractic College.

“The best thing about being in the chiropractic field is having the opportunity and ability to help patients relieve pain without the harmful side effects of medication,” she says. “I also enjoy educating patients on how to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction, as well as prevent future injury.”

Dr. Smith was raised in Salisbury and has worked previously in Baltimore and Scottsdale, Ariz.

“I love that the Jacksonville Harbor Village location of The Joint is so convenient,” Dr. Smith says. “As a new mother, I know how hard it is to find time in the day to do something for yourself.”

She enjoys the beach, good food and wine, traveling abroad, and reading when she and husband Andrew -- an administrator at the Mayo Clinic -- have a spare moment from their parental duties. They are fans of the NFL and college basketball, and she really likes running; she has completed some half-marathons.

Dr. Smith knew pretty early on where here career path was headed. “Growing up, I would go with my dad to his chiropractor, Dr. Lavorgna,” she recalls. “Dr. L was able to relieve my father from his neck pain and numbness, as well his low back pain. I knew from a very young age that I would become a chiropractor when I grew up.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Smith says she loves sparkling water, so she always has some in her refrigerator: “My favorite flavor is La Croix Peach Pear. I gave up soda years ago but missed the carbonation.”

Her ideal dinner party would comprise an author, inventor, comic and princess: “I would include J.K. Rowling because I love her and all things Harry Potter, and Thomas Edison because of his brilliance and innovation,” she says. “Chris Rock because of his wit and humor, and Princess Diana because of her class and elegance.”

Dr. Smith is particularly impressed by an observation Edison made: “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and prevention of disease.” Sounds a lot like chiropractic.

She says the coolest thing she has ever done was spending a week whitewater rafting and camping in the Grand Canyon: “It was such a great adventure. During the day you get to draft the rapids and at night you relax with friends and family under the brightest stars I have ever seen.”

Dr. Phil Scheets, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Jacksonville Harbour Village

The Joint Chiropractic is pleased to have Dr. Phil Scheets join its Jacksonville Harbour Village and St. John’s Town Center clinics in 2018. Dr. Phil, as his patients call him, received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Evangel University in Springfield, Mo. He received his doctorate in chiropractic while at Life University in Marietta, Ga., in 1999.

He grew up in Collingswood, N.J., and his vast experience in chiropractic was gleaned primarily in New Jersey before he settled in Florida. While in New Jersey, he worked in Hispanic communities where he learned enough basic Spanish to be able to communicate with those patients who have English as a second language.

“The best thing about being in the chiropractic field is helping and serving people in the community,” Dr. Phil says. “It’s not only emotionally fulfilling, but it’s humbling.The other thing that’s so great about practicing chiropractic is building relationships with a diversity of people. I treat everyone who comes into the office as though they are a ‘star’ or famous athlete. Seeing folks get better, with each visit building on the previous one, excites me -- I get to see chiropractic miracles every day.”

Even though Dr. Phil is busy, he runs a distant second to wife Susan, whom he describes as a “homeschooling mom and devoted mother of six healthy children.” Over the years, their large household has included two Bernese mountain dogs and four Balinese cats.

Dr. Phil’s personal experience led him into his chosen field. “When chiropractic changed the course of my own life,” he says, “I knew I was being called into chiropractic. I was injured in a forklift accident and decided to try chiropractic to help with the back pain. After three weeks, my life was changed; I felt better than I had before the accident. I only wish that I had discovered chiropractic earlier when I was playing college football. My chiropractor suggested I go to chiropractic school -- and I did!”

In his spare time, Dr. Phil enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. “I also enjoy serving the community through the Knights of Columbus,” he says, “and I also like golfing, fishing, running and exercising, and spending time at the beach.”

In Case You Didn’t Know …

Dr. Phil says the one thing he always must have at the ready in his refrigerator is cream for his coffee. “I love good coffee,” he says, “but it must have cream.”

If he could meet any four people in history and share a dinner for the ages, he would include Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, and Mahatma Gandhi “so the truth would be revealed.”

The coolest thing Dr. Phil has experienced was the birth of his first son. “I caught my oldest son in a birthing tub during a homebirth,” he says. “It’s amazing to see new life enter this world in the comfort of your own home.”

Dr. Penelope Knox, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Jacksonville Harbour Village

Dr. Penelope Knox joined The Joint Chiropractic family of local chiropractors in 2018. A graduate of Spelman College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology with concentration in medicine, she received her doctorate of chiropractic from Life University.

“The best thing about being in the chiropractic field is that I get to help others on their journey of health and wellness naturally,” Dr. Knox says. “No medication, no side effects.”

Dr. Knox was a traveling chiropractor before she settled in Jacksonville, and worked in Atlanta as well as Orlando, Tallahassee, Bradenton and Kissimmee. She grew up outside of Memphis, so maybe it’s not surprising that in her spare time she enjoys live music and concerts, as well as watching movies and cooking.

She and her husband Henry met when they were teenagers, and they have cats named Baxter and Ziggy, and a turtle named Emerald.

Dr. Knox says she knew she had pursued the right career path while at Life University after seeing a quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served,” so she tries to be a joyful servant every day.

It’s made easier by working at The Joint Jacksonville clinics. “I love the camaraderie between the staff, patients, and the doctors,” she says.

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Knox says the one thing she always keeps in her refrigerator is water “because it’s more than 80 percent of what I am.”

If she could have the dinner party of her dreams, Dr. Knox says she would like to bring together Beyonce, Oprah, Dr. Sebi, and her late cousin Zaria “who loved Beyonce, who could maybe sing and grace us before dinner.” She would pick Oprah’s brain “so I could learn her secrets to success,” and she would love to meet self-taught and self-proclaimed healer Dr. Sebi “so I could increase my knowledge of truly living healthy.”

No doubt, her guests would enjoy Dr. Knox’s story of her own awesome adventure. “I went cave diving,” she says. “We had to hike down the side of mountains to ge to the cave. Once we got there, certain parts were completely dark with no light and no way out. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

Dr. Leigh Ann Jasinnas, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Jacksonville Harbour Village

Dr. Leigh Ann Jasinnas -- you can call her Dr. Leigh Ann -- joined The Joint Chiropractic family in 2019 with her arrival at the Jacksonville clinic locations. She is a graduate of Delaware with a bachelor’s degree in health behavior science and a minor in strength and conditioning. She received her masters degree in human nutrition and functional medicine from University of Western States, and her doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida.

“The thing I appreciate so much about being in this field is having the opportunity to engage with so many unique individuals on a daily basis,” Dr. Leigh Ann says. “The other thing is that I’m constantly learning. Every patient, every encounter, is an opportunity to expand my knowledge and help others.”

Prior to landing in Jacksonville, Dr. Leigh Ann worked in Wilmington, N.C., and the suburbs of Philadelphia, which is near where she was raised in the tri-state area.

In her spare time, she enjoys time with her husband and two children, as well as reading, learning to cook gluten-free recipes, spending time at the beach, “and traveling and exploring as much as I can.” They also have a chocolate Labrador named Bear.

With all her education, Dr. Leigh Ann has no doubts that she’s doing exactly what she should be doing. She remembers well the moment it became clear to her. “The first time I had a patient tell me that, because of chiropractic care, they could now play with their kids without pain,” she recalls. “That’s what it’s really all about, helping people live their lives fully with the people they love.”

Dr. Leigh Ann says one of the things she likes most about the Jacksonville locations of The Joint Chiropractic is the people. “Our team is incredible,” she says. “We all work together to serve the community, but equally important, we have fun doing it.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Leigh Ann says the one thing she always has in her refrigerator is her favorite tomato-based condiment: “You can never go wrong with ketchup.”

If she could bring any four people from history together for her dream dinner party, Dr. Leigh Ann would have a fairly eclectic group. “Martin Luther King Jr., because of his willingness to persevere through really tough situations for the benefit of all people,” she says. “Nostradamus because I’d love to pick his brain; Serena Williams because she’s an incredibly talented athlete and the epitome of work ethic; and Amelia Earhart because she is one of the toughest and bravest women I’ve ever heard of.”

They may well be impressed with some of Dr. Leigh Ann’s experiences as well. “I traveled and lived in Beijing, China, for six weeks to watch the 2008 Summer Olympics,” she said. “I also got to climb a section of the Great Wall of China. Definitely one of the coolest experiences I’ve had so far.”

Dr. Jonathan D’Cruz, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Jacksonville Harbour Village

Dr. Jonathan D’Cruz -- you can call him Dr. Jon -- joined The Joint Chiropractic family of healthcare providers in summer 2019. A graduate of Florida State with a bachelor’s of science degree in exercise science with a minor in child development, he earned his doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange.

“The thing I like best about being in the chiropractic field is giving people a holistic and natural alternative to address their pain and dysfunction,” Dr. Jon says. “I love empowering patients to be proactive and to take charge of their own health.”

A native of Indian Harbour Beach, Fla., Dr. Jon has also worked in Cocoa Beach and Port Orange.

In his spare time, he enjoys being active by lifting weights, running, playing basketball, or going to the beach. He also likes watching sports.

Dr. Jon pulls inspiration from a quote by BJ Palmer, the developer of chiropractic, who said: “The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease.”

It’s that mentality that he brings to the Jacksonville office every day “The environment of The Joint provides incredibly simple and effective access to chiropractic care for the communities of the city of Jacksonville,” he says. “Chiropractic care is for everyone, and being a member of The Joint gives me the ability to serve the masses as a chiropractor.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Jon says the one thing he always has on hand at home is Synergy organic kombucha. “I did not understand the importance of gut health and nutrient absorption -- and how it affects the human body -- until halfway through my time in chiropractic school,” he says. “Kombucha is full of probiotics and plays a key role in promoting a healthy gut, so it’s important to me to always have some in my fridge.”

If he could invite any four people from history to his dream dinner party, Dr. Jon would include some of sports’ biggest hitters: basketball player Michael Jordan, golfer Tiger Woods, football player Tom Brady, and Brazilian soccer player Pele.

“These are arguably four of the greatest athletes in the history of sports,” he says. “I would be very intrigued to learn about their secrets to success and what drives/drove them in their pursuit to be at the top of each of their respective sports.”

When it comes to the coolest experiences in his life, Dr. Jon includes cops, kids, and hoops. “In the summer of 2017 and 2018, I volunteered as a youth basketball coach for the city of Port Orange’s Police Athletic League. This experience was very rewarding as I grew up playing basketball during my youth and at the high school level. I was able to help boys in the 11- to 13-year-old age group learn how to work as a team, develop their own personal skill sets, and find joy in playing the game of basketball in the same way that I did as a youth.

Dr. Kelvin Bolar, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Jacksonville Harbour Village

Dr. Kelvin Bolar joined the family of healthcare providers at The Joint Chiropractic in 2019. A graduate of Central Michigan, he earned a bachelor’s degree in health fitness and rehabilitative methods, and a minor in exercise science. He got his doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Kelvin, as his patients call him, is excited to be part of the team of local chiropractors serving Jacksonville.

“The best thing about being in the field of chiropractic is the ability to help someone feel better and get them back to the activities that they enjoy with just the use of my hands,” he says. “The other thing that’s gratifying is getting to meet and treat so many people on a daily basis.”

A product of southeast Michigan who worked previously in Palm Coast, Fla., Dr. Kelvin is married to a fellow chiropractor; they have one son and two dogs, Zane and Jada. When he’s not working or enjoying time with his family, Dr. Kelvin likes working out, going to the movies, building remote control cars and trucks, and riding his motorcycle.

He has a passion for chiropractic because there’s such a direct connection with the patient. “When I learned of the chiropractic profession and how chiropractors literally take a hands-on approach to naturally help improve the lives of patients, I knew it was something that I had to be part of,” he says.

He really appreciates the value of The Joint Chiropractic’s services and the extraordinary availability it provides: “The Joint makes chiropractic care affordable and easily accessible to patients, helping to rid them of the hurdle of sticking to appointment times.”

So as far as Dr. Kelvin is concerned, drop in anytime.

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Kelvin says the one thing he always has stocked in his refrigerator is milk, and the reason is pretty obvious: “Because I don’t like dry Frosted Flakes.”

If he sat down with any four people from history to create the dinner party of his dreams, Dr. Kelvin would include media mogul Oprah Winfrey, Disney CEO Robert Iger, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. “I would like to have a dinner party with these individuals due to their public reach and employee base,” he says. “I would discuss the benefits of chiropractic care in relation to employee productivity and decreased time off due to musculoskeletal issues. My aim would be to get each of these individuals to offer chiropractic care for all of their employees with The Joint Chiropractic as a national partner provider.”

Although he may not be very adventurous with his cereal, that’s not necessarily the case out in the world. “The coolest thing I have ever done is hike to the top of Mt. Quandary in Colorado,” he says. “With an elevation of 14,265 feet, this is the highest that I have ever hiked. If I were to ever do it again, the only thing that I would change would be the time of year: hiking to 14,000 feet in the middle of winter is terribly cold!”

Dr. Joe Whitehead, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Jacksonville Harbour Village

Dr. Joe Whitehead has been with The Joint Chiropractic family since 2016 and is honored to be part of the team serving the Jacksonville clinic locations. He received a bachelor of science degree from Excelsior College in Albany, N.Y., after getting his doctorate from Life University in 1999.

With two decades of experience, Dr. Whitehead knows well the benefits of chiropractic. “The best thing about being in this field is the deep satisfaction that comes from helping patients regain their ability to enjoy life,” he says. “The other great thing is to be out from behind a desk and interacting with many people each day.”

Dr. Whitehead has worked in Atlanta and several other cities in Georgia, as well as Birmingham, Ala. He and his wife have three daughters and a son, as well as a rescue dog and cat named Winston and Hope, respectively.

In addition to enjoying family trips to St. Augustine, Fla., and learning to sail, Dr. Whitehead enjoys auto racing and drifting, which he participated in previously.

It was through his dad’s work as a designer that led Dr. Whitehead to chiropractic. “I was on the path to medical school when I met Dr. Mike Hatrak,” he says. “My father was designing his kitchen in Alpharetta and I sometimes accompanied him to the job sites. Dr. Hatrak took me to tour the campus of Life University and I fell in love with the chiropractic’s arts and science. The ability to help people without drugs or surgery resonated with me.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Whitehead is a man who believes in his condiment of choice and says he always has some Texas Pete hot sauce on hand: “I could put it on just about anything.”

If Dr. Whitehead could bring together any four characters from history for his ideal dinner party, he says he would include Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and Jesus. “I would love to hear the ‘old Hollywood’ stories from Reagan, and of course he was a great president,” he says. “Bush was the head of the CIA, so he has some stories to tell. I would invite Jesus because I have so many questions.”

As for his fourth, he doesn’t have a name. “It would be the first guy on the scene of the Roswell crash because,” he says, “I have to know.” Dr. Whitehead says a couple of the coolest things he has ever was skydiving and drifting his old Nissan 240.

Dr. Trevor Hardman, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Jacksonville Harbour Village

Dr. Trevor Hardman joined The Joint Chiropractic’s family of local healthcare providers in 2020 and will work at clinics throughout the Jacksonville area. A graduate of West Virginia University who got a bachelor’s of science with an emphasis on medical laboratory science, he earned his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange.

“The thing I like best about being in the chiropractic field is helping people,” he says. “It’s gratifying to see the impact I can have on a patient’s life.”

Dr. Trevor, as he likes to be called, grew up in central West Virginia and worked previously in Boca Raton and Pensacola. Married to a fellow chiropractor, they have a Weimaraner named Koda. In his spare time, Dr. Trevor enjoys hiking, kayaking, fishing, and golfing.

“Chiropractic became my calling when I personally witnessed the carelessness of opioid abuse by means of polypharmacy while working in the Emergency Department,” he says. “I like working at The Joint, where we practice what we teach our patients.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

The one thing Dr. Trevor always keeps handy in his refrigerator is hummus: “It tastes so good and can be eaten with anything.”

If he could bring together any four people from history for the dinner party of his dreams, Dr. Trevor would send invitations to Jesus Christ, England’s Queen Victoria, actor Morgan Freeman, and business tycoon Warren Buffett. “The reason for having dinner is to enjoy the wisdom they have, and had, acquired so I can become more knowledgeable and a better person,” he says.

The coolest thing that he has done is vacation in New Zealand. “It is the most diverse ecosystem in the world and the land is undeveloped,” he says. “Pristine.”

Dr. Ryan Loren became part of The Joint Chiropractic’s team of local healthcare providers in 2020 when he began serving residents in the Jacksonville area to continue doing the work he finds so gratifying.

“The best thing about being in the chiropractic field is being able to change someone’s life while doing what I love,” he says.

Dr. Ryan, as he likes his patients to call him, is a product of Port Huron, Mich., and worked previously in Orlando, Orange City, and New Smyrna Beach.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in health science at Saginaw (Mich.) Valley State University before embarking on his doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange.

Dr. Ryan enjoys spending time with his family -- he has three young boys and a wife who is both a pastry chef and massage therapist. When he’s not with them or working with patients, he likes to unwind by watching sports and playing rec league softball.

He knew chiropractic was his calling after some first-hand experience. “After my first adjustment,” he says, “I went from having ‘just growing pains’ to being pain-free -- and it blew my mind.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Ryan says the one thing he always has stocked in his refrigerator is cold water. Not only is it healthy, “but it’s always so hot in Florida,” so it’s well justified.

If he could bring together any four persons from history for the dinner party of his dreams, Dr. Ryan would ensure there would be plenty of laughs around the table; he would include comedians Robin Williams, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and Jim Carrey.

He says the coolest thing he has ever done took place during his spring break trip to the Dominican Republic his senior year of college. “We took an off-road 8x8 monster truck safari tour,” Dr. Ryan says, “and then rented dune buggies to drive around town and through the sand.”

Dr. Molly Durham, D.C. is a Chiropractor at Jacksonville Harbour Village

Dr. Molly Durham became part of The Joint Chiropractic’s team of local healthcare providers in 2020 when she began serving residents in the Jacksonville area. By doing so, she’s able to do the work she finds so enjoyable.

“I love helping my community live and function at a higher level through specific chiropractic adjustments,” she says. “It’s gratifying to have the ability to interact with people every day while doing what I love.”

You can call her Dr. Molly, and although born in Michigan, her childhood was spent growing up in Florida, North Carolina, Washington state, and the New York City area.

A ​magna cum laude​ graduate of East Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree in dance performance, she earned her doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer College in Port Orange, where she was class valedictorian.

Dr. Molly enjoys riding her beach cruiser with her husband along the ocean, but she also enjoys laying out beachside -- or by the pool -- and spending time with friends and family. Other spare time activities include working out, hiking, and exploring new towns.

Her first-hand experience with chiropractic led her to becoming a doctor. “I injured my low back during my previous career as a dancer, and continued to aggravate it over several years,” Dr. Molly says. “I sought out chiropractic care, which gave me incredible relief after only a couple of adjustments. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to dance forever, so I considered chiropractic as my next career. I knew I was in the right place and had found my purpose once I arrived at Palmer College.”

She is excited about working in Jacksonville: “The clinic has such great energy and an awesome gang to work alongside.”

In Case You Didn’t Know

Dr. Molly says the one thing she always keeps stocked in her refrigerator is oat milk: “I absolutely cannot live without coffee, and I came to love oat milk in 2019.”

If she could bring together any four persons from history for a fantasy dinner, she would include BJ Palmer “because who wouldn’t want to pick the brain of the developer of chiropractic?”

“My others would be Anthony Bourdain because he’s awesome and he could tell me all about the food we were eating, and George Carlin for the endless jokes,” she says. “And finally, Justin Timberlake, in case I’m feeling like I need a song or dance at dinnertime.”

Dr. Molly’s previous career as a dancer afforded her the opportunity to realize the greatest moment in her life. “”I had the opportunity in May 2008 to dance alongside some incredible talent at the Lincoln Center in New York City in front of about 3,000 people for ‘Broadway’s Greatest Showstoppers’ performance,” she says. “The New York Philharmonic Orchestra played the music while Marvin Hamlisch conducted the entire show. I will never forget that experience and how cool of an opportunity it was to be a part of that performance.”

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In a recent Consumer Reports study, chiropractic outperformed prescription medication, deep-tissue massage, yoga, pilates, and over-the-counter medication therapies, in treating back pain. 1

1 Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center. Back-Pain Treatments.; July 2011.

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