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Tips For Maintaining Good Hearing

By Paul Rothbart

Of all the five senses, most human beings tend to rely on sight the most. No question, good vision is a nice thing to have. Being able to see is useful in all aspects of living. But many people don't appreciate their other senses as much. Hearing, for example, is vital. Speaking and listening is a great way to communicate and can even be done at great distances using technology. Listening to music makes life more enjoyable and can be good for your health. There may even be a time when you hear danger in time to avoid it. Taking the steps to maintain your hearing health is important. Here are some tips.

Wear Ear Protection

If you work in a noisy job, such as a construction site or at an airport, ear protection is vital. Extended periods of loud noise can damage eardrums and diminish hearing over time. It's also important to be careful at concerts, indoor sporting events, and other loud venues. Earplugs are helpful in these situations. Be careful to keep the volume at a reasonable level when wearing headphones or earbuds. You can hear the music just fine at a lower volume and if you keep it blasting away, there may come a time when you can hear it at all.

Don't Put Things in Your Ears

The parts of the inner ear are delicate. You should not place anything into the ear canal, not even cotton swabs. Swabs are designed to clean the outer parts of the ear only. It's far too easy to accidentally puncture the eardrum which will cause severe damage and pain. Removing wax from the ear canal is best left to a medical professional. I've seen people use pen caps and even scissors to scratch an itch in their ears. That is just asking for trouble. 

Nutrients That Boost Hearing Health

What you eat can have a positive impact on your hearing. There are nutrients that can benefit ear health such as omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in fish such as salmon, herring, and sardines. Folic acid, found in broccoli, asparagus, and spinach, increases the production of new cells and blood circulation, both of which are helpful to hearing. Zinc is an important nutrient for the immune system and as such, can help prevent ear infections. Beef, pork, oysters, many nuts, and dark chocolate are excellent sources of zinc.

Each of the five senses serves an important purpose. Hearing is as vital as the others. Use these tips to keep your hearing sharp so you don't miss out on the voices of loved ones, the sounds of nature, and your favorite music.

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