Thinking Positively for Fitness

By Donna Kostiew

Has that dark cloud ever followed you around for a long enough time that you found it not only affected your mood, but it also affected your actions as well? Or perhaps you see it happen in others who aren’t very optimistic at all. Do you notice how at times, their behaviors seem to be in sync with their pessimistic thoughts? We need to be careful with this because behaviors will often match thoughts, and that can definitely become a roadblock to achieving good health. A number of studies have already shown that being optimistic generally improves your health both mentally and physically for people of all ages.

How Can My Mood Make Such a Difference?

It has been suggested that positive-thinking people might lead healthier lifestyles simply by coping better with stress, looking for alternative actions or asking for help if things don’t go as planned, and choosing healthier behaviors. Whether you take an optimistic approach to life or a pessimistic one, the attitude you have may very well reflect on how well you take care of yourself. Quite often, the biggest challenge we may face when it comes to getting fit and healthy is our mindset.

The Power of Positive Thinking for Fitness and Health

Have you ever been at the gym and overheard someone say “It’s just not working. I’m not seeing the results fast enough. I don’t even know why I try.” Pretty self-defeating, right? Remember, positive thinking is vital to reaching your optimal performance and fitness level. There are always going to be setbacks, but the key question is how well are you going to respond to them? Keeping the following benefits in mind may help you to remember why it is important to stay positive while trying to achieve the best health and fitness levels as you can.

  • Longer, healthier life span
  • Decrease in rates of depression
  • Improved resistance to illness
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Better coping skills and management of stress

For some, optimism comes quite easily, but for others, it’s a little more difficult. If you are a natural pessimist, here are some simple ideas on how to start interweaving some positive thoughts into your days.

  • Make smaller, more realistic goals and be satisfied when accomplished
  • Identify the times that you typically have negative thoughts and focus on a new approach
  • Picture successful outcomes by imagining all the positive steps needed to reach them
  • Be open to humor
  • Surround yourself with other optimistic people
  • Practice positive self-talk
  • Give yourself grace when setbacks occur

Your thoughts and responses are vital to achieving success with both your mental and physical health, so be intentional with them!

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