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Good Health Habits to Perform at Night

By Paul Rothbart

Practicing good health should be an all-day task in order to truly be effective. There are some habits that are most effective at particular times. An obvious example would be eating a good breakfast, which for most people will happen in the morning. But there are other habits, which less obviously are best done at a specific time. The period at night, just before bed is often overlooked, but it is every bit as important as any other time of day. Here are some good health habits to perform at night.

Light Exercise

During sleep, breathing is slower and more shallow. Loading the cells with oxygen through light exercise before sleep can help the body do its restorative work more effectively. A brief walk of 15 minutes at an easy pace while breathing deeply is a great way to do this. Including a bit of stretching will help you relax and fall asleep more easily while also preventing stiffness upon awakening. Be careful not to do anything too strenuous. This can put the body in work mode and make sleep harder to come by. 

Eat Some Yogurt

While eating right before bed is generally a bad idea, a light snack of yogurt can be beneficial to sleep. The good bacteria in yogurt can boost your immune system overnight, which is when it is busiest. You'll want to consume yogurt containing live active cultures for best results. Check the label. There is some evidence that the protein in yogurt can help the muscles grow and restore overnight. 

Wash Your Face

The body replenishes the skin overnight, restoring and rejuvenating. Removing make up and facing your face will help that process. Wash gently to remove sweat or dirt without stripping away the oils that protect the skin. Likewise, pat dry rather than rub. This will be good for your skin as well as help you feel refreshed and relaxed, both of which will help sleep.

Rinse With Mouthwash

While you are not likely to have a business meeting or meet someone new while sleeping, there are still benefits to rinsing out with mouthwash before bed. One of the best ways the body neutralizes the acids that can cause tooth decay and harm gums is by producing saliva. Less saliva is produced during sleep, which can allow these acids to do their damage during the night. By rinsing thoroughly with a good mouthwash, you cleanse away any acid residue and add a layer of protection to your mouth. Be careful about using mouthwashes with a strong mint flavor. They may prove to be invigorating and make falling asleep difficult. 

It is important to practice good health habits throughout the entire day. Some habits are more beneficial when performed at specific times. These night time practice can be quite helpful in maintaining a healthy body.

To learn more about your health, wellness and fitness, see your local chiropractor in Dacula, Ga.

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