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What Are Those Bumps on Your Eyelids?

By Paul Rothbart

Pimples, blemishes, and warts happen sometimes. Although it can be disturbing in that they affect your appearance, most people are not overly concerned from a health standpoint. They are generally not indicators of a serious problem. Then there are bumps on your eyelids. Not as common, but they can still be scary. If you don't know what they are or what causes them, you may feel you have a serious medical problem. Eyelid bumps are usually no more harmful than any typical skin blemish. Here is some information that can help.

Eyelid Bump Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms associated with eyelid bumps that depend upon what is causing them. They may not hurt at all and be nothing more than an annoyance. Sometimes eyelid bumps hurt, especially when touched. The eyes may experience a gritty sensation, water excessively, or be sensitive to light. Discharge, blisters on the lids, or change in color to the whites are symptoms that require a visit to a doctor.

Causes of Bumps

There are a number of afflictions that can cause eyelid bumps. Some of the more common include:

  • Styes - Styes are bumps on either the top or bottom eyelid and are red in color. They are caused by an infection and may be painful to the touch and sensitive to light. Styes generally cause watering of the eyes and should be treated by a doctor.

  • Chalazion - Chalazion is a less serious eye bump. They are caused by an infection but are usually not painful and go away within a few weeks. If they linger beyond that time frame, medical attention should be sought.

  • Xanthelasma - Generally painless and not physically harmful, xanthelasma are bumps caused by soft cholesterol deposits under the skin. They tend to occur in older adults and though not a serious condition, they could be harmful psychologically if the sufferer is upset by the appearance of the eyes.

Caring for Eyelid Bumps

Self-care for eyelid bumps is important. Failure to do so could worsen the condition. No matter how much your eyes may itch or water, don't rub them. Doing so could spread the infection to other areas of the body and result in serious illness. For styes and chalazion, placing a warm compress over the eyes for a 10-minute period can be very helpful. It can help drain the pus from the infection. Do this 4-6 times a day. Xanthelasma requires no treatment. It is important to see a doctor for the more serious conditions as infections can be dangerous if not treated.

Eyelid bumps can be distressful in how they affect your appearance. They may also be painful and show other symptoms. Care for them yourself and get medical attention for more serious conditions and those that linger.

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