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How Your Body Communicates Its Needs

By Genevieve Cunningham

Communication is a big deal. We all learn to  communicate from a young age, whether that's through speech, nonverbal cues, or written context. Communication is how we get along in the world. Much of our communication is done on purpose, but there's still a large portion of communication that happens naturally -- without our thought or effort. The way we stand, move, and hold our expressions. All of these communicate something to the outside world. And even more than that, our bodies communicate too. But are you listening? What is your body trying to say? While this might sound difficult, learning to truly hear your body is half the battle in the quest for better health. If you're working to improve your health and wellness, take a look at how your body communicates its needs and then start listening to your own. 

The Body Gives Clues

Your body is not going to suddenly start talking aloud to you, but it will give you clues as to how its feeling and what it needs. A few might include:

  • Hunger and thirst - The most obvious way that our body communicates is by telling us when it needs food or water. Pay attention to this sensation and fuel your body well.

  • Pain - Pain isn't a diagnosis -- it's a symptom. If your body is in pain, there's something going on that needs attention. It might be an injury, sickness, or something else. Pay attention, take note of the discomfort, and ask a professional for help.

  • Efficiency - The body, when in its best condition, works really efficiently. Everything moves along nicely. But when the body isn't well, things begin to break down. If you notice something amiss -- slow digestion, inability to focus, poor circulation -- it's a sign that your body needs help. Address the issues, and your body should return to an efficient state.

How to Stay in Tune

Learning to listen to your body isn't easy. It takes practice. If you want to hear what your body is saying, you have to get to know your body really well. To do this, you'll need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, exercise, and get checkups. Any time you notice something that doesn't feel right, pay attention! Use a journal to write down how you're feeling and anything that may have caused it. Write down what you've consumed, where you've been, and your current environment. Write down each sensation that you feel -- pain in the abdomen, headache, achy muscles, etc. Over time, you may notice patterns, or you may be able to connect some dots between actions and how your body feels. Whatever you do, don't give up! Getting to know your body is one of the best things you can do for long-term wellness. Take your time, listen intently, and communicating with your body will become second nature.

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